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This page serves as a place to request and discuss merges.


The following are the policies to the requests for merge process.

  • A. General
  • 1. This is an optional process; administrators can merge anything they believe fits as a redirect.
  • 2. If there is any controversy over merging a certain page, abstain from a merge war, do not merge the page, and bring the page in question to a merge discussion as outlined in this article.
  • 3. Anyone can nominate a page (article, template, category, image, video, etc.) they feel should be merged.
  • B. Process
  • 1. Fill out a form to create a merge discussion.
  • 2. Once the discussion is created, the nominator must explain why they feel the article should be merged.
  • a. If no explanation is given after twenty-four (24) hours, it will be closed as invalid.
  • 3. A discussion will occur, centered on that particular page.
  • 4. Neutral votes do not count in the final tally for consensus (70%)
  • C. Closing discussions
  • 1. Only administrators can close merge discussions.
  • 2. Merge discussions generally last seven (7) days.
  • 3. Exceptions
  • i. If a merge discussion does not receive a consensus (70%) either way after one (1) month, the discussion can be closed as "no consensus" and the page will remain intact.
  • ii. If the page in question is a spam page, the merge discussion may be closed immediately, and the page will be deleted.
  • iii. The creator of a merge discussion may withdraw their discussion at their sole discretion.

Request form

  • 1. Replace PAGE with the title of the page you believe should be merged in the box below.
  • 2. Click "submit."
  • 3. When you submit, fill out the information on the resulting page, then save the page.
  • 4. Copy and paste the following under "requests" of this page, replacing "PAGE" with the title.
  • [[ESB:Requests for merge/PAGE]]


Requests for merge

Requests for merge (edit)
Only 30 requests may be active at once. Any created past that limit will be closed.
Page Discussion Posted Status
Morphoids Discussion May 6, 2020 TBA
Pioneers Discussion May 9, 2020 TBA
Phil (orange) Discussion May 9, 2020 TBA
Mr. Whiskers Discussion May 20, 2020 TBA
Sucker shake Discussion May 20, 2020 TBA
Ugly Barnacle Discussion May 21, 2020 TBA
Whale shark Discussion May 22, 2020 TBA
Balloon seller Discussion May 23, 2020 TBA
SpongeBob's stove Discussion May 23, 2020 TBA
SpongeBob's TV Discussion May 23, 2020 TBA
SpongeBob's refrigerator Discussion May 23, 2020 TBA
SpongeBob's library Discussion May 23, 2020 TBA
Barnacle Chips' mascot Discussion May 23, 2020 TBA
SpongeBob Sport Toys (McDonald's) Discussion May 24, 2020 TBA
Goober Meal Discussion May 24, 2020 TBA
I.J.L.S.A. Lunchbox Discussion May 25, 2020 TBA
Nick DVD Game Demo Discussion May 26, 2020 TBA


See archive here: ESB:Requests for merge/archive

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