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*{{Remove}} --[[User:Cans48|<font color="orange"><code>Alleluia, Hurry the Lord is Near!</code></font>]] [[User talk:Cans48|<font color="red"><code>(Cans48)</code></font>]]

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Request for Deletion Discussion

The following is an ongoing deletion discussion. Please feel free to voice your opinion, but be sure to follow the rules.

You can use any of the following prior to your comments to show your opinion.
{{Keep}} - use this if you think the page should be kept.
{{Neutral}} use this if you are not sure whether the page should be kept or deleted.
{{Remove}} - use this if you think the page should be deleted.


Vaguely has anything to do with SpongeBob. RedBomb1 (talk) 14:20, October 18, 2017 (UTC)



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