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This page serves as a place to request and discuss deletions.


The following are the policies to the requests for deletion process.

  • A. General
  • 1. This is an optional process; administrators can delete anything they believe is unneeded.
  • 2. If there is any controversy over deleting a certain page, abstain from a deletion war, do not delete the page, and bring the page in question to a deletion discussion as outlined in this article.
  • 3. Anyone can nominate a page (article, template, category, image, video, etc.) they feel should be deleted.
  • 4. There cannot be more than 30 deletion requests open at a given time. If there are already 30 requests at one time, do not create more or the requests made over the limit will be marked as invalid.
  • B. Process
  • 1. Fill out a form to create a deletion discussion.
  • 2. Once the discussion is created, the nominator must explain why they feel the article should be deleted.
  • a. If no explanation is given after twenty-four (24) hours, it will be closed as invalid.
  • 3. A discussion will occur, centered on that particular page.
  • 4. Neutral votes do not count in the final tally for consensus (70%)
  • C. Closing discussions
  • 1. Only administrators can close deletion discussions.
  • 2. If a discussion closes and the result is deletion, the page can be redirected to another article if there is a useful redirect.
  • 3. Deletion discussions generally last seven (7) days.
  • 4. Exceptions
  • i. If a deletion discussion does not receive a consensus (70%) either way after one (1) month, the discussion can be closed as "no consensus" and the page is kept.
  • ii. If the page in question is a spam page, the deletion discussion may be closed immediately, and the page will be deleted.
  • iii. The creator of a deletion discussion may withdraw their discussion at their sole discretion.
  • D. Request Limits for Pages
    • 1. When a page has been voted to not be deleted three consecutive times within three months or six consecutive times (without a bounded time for the requests be submitted it), the page will be exempt from being requested to be deleted for six months.
    • 2. After the initial six month ban of requesting on a page, every request that results without a deletion will result in another six month exemption.
    • 3. A page can be exempt from any six month exemption from deletion requests if:
      • If any discussion of a page's deletion that is currently exempt is found to have 3 or more sockpuppets. The six month exemption will be lifted and an admin will create a new discussion as a redo.
      • If a proposal is passed that allows deletion in a category containing pages for the purposes of housekeeping, the page can be deleted without a discussion if the passed proposal is defined in conjunction with a valid reason.
    • 4. All pages currently exempt from deletion requests will be put in a sub-page to be displayed and updated on the ESB:Requests for deletion page. The starting date and ending date of their exemptions will also be listed.

Request form

  • 1. Replace PAGE with the title of the page you believe should be deleted in the box below.
  • 2. Click "submit."
  • 3. When you submit, fill out the information on the resulting page, then save the page.
  • 4. Copy and paste the following under "requests" of this page, replacing "PAGE" with the title.
  • [[ESB:Requests for deletion/PAGE]]


Pages exempt from requesting

Pages exempt from requests for deletion (edit)
Page Ending Discussion Starting Date Ending Date
No current exemptions

Requests for deletion

Requests for deletion (edit)
Only 30 requests may be active at once. Any created past that limit will be closed.
Page Discussion Posted
Hot belt Discussion July 4, 2020
Radiation belt Discussion July 4, 2020
Barnacle Bill and the Seven Seas Discussion July 4, 2020
Bikini Bottomites/2 Discussion July 6, 2020
Amoeba Treats Discussion July 7, 2020
Alternate-Universe Squidward Discussion July 8, 2020
Water wings girl Discussion July 10, 2020
Mini Patricks Discussion July 12, 2020
Category:Deceased/2 Discussion July 14, 2020
Bubble motorcycle Discussion July 18, 2020
Coral Avenue Discussion July 19, 2020
Um Tentacles Discussion July 22, 2020
Deviled eggs/2 Discussion July 23, 2020
Spaghetti/2 Discussion July 23, 2020
Camper Discussion July 23, 2020
Mr. Sun Discussion July 29, 2020
Unnamed barnacle Discussion July 29, 2020
Unnamed barnacle/gallery Discussion July 29, 2020
The Cramp Discussion July 29, 2020
Most Miserable Cashier in the Bikini Bottom Contest Discussion July 29, 2020
Sock'n Garten Discussion July 29, 2020
Purple officer Discussion August 1, 2020
SpongePedia Discussion August 1, 2020
SpongeBob New Fanon Wiki Discussion August 1, 2020
Robot cherubs/2 Discussion August 1, 2020
Hairball Discussion August 2, 2020
Flankton Discussion August 2, 2020
The SpongeBob Community Discussion August 2, 2020
SpongeBuddy Mania/2 Discussion August 3, 2020
Oswald's taste buds Discussion August 3, 2020
Patrick's taste buds Discussion August 3, 2020


See archive here: ESB:Requests for deletion/archive

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