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a. Why do you believe you are qualified to be promoted to this position?
I have made over 7,000 edits here after coming back to this wiki in early October last year, a lot of which have been following the manual of style and editing policy and exhibit good faith regarding the intentions of contributing. A lot of my edits are really helpful and I feel like I could help out a lot more with the assistant role implemented, having utilized my current rollback and chat moderator tools.

b. Have you had experience with this position before?
Yeah, I was assistant on my old account before disabling it in the middle of last year due to being busy with real life and a major decline in activity, but now that I've been back for nearly 5 months I definitely won't be leaving anytime soon as I've been active everyday ever since returning and will continue to be for a while.

c. What are your best contributions to Encyclopedia SpongeBobia and why?
Well I help improve pages by removing unnecessary or ambiguous information to make sure it is spot-on with the manual of style and have reverted several vandal/disruptive edits using the rollback tool. I've also tagged many subgalleries for deletion per our cleanup project and nominated the unnecessary ones for deletion.

d. How do you plan to use your rights if your request is successful?
I will edit protected pages per request, protect pages that are persistent targets for vandalism or high traffic or that are set in stone to only be edited by staff as well as rename files so they are consistent with the gallery naming scheme order and archive requests for protection etc.

e. Have you been in a situation in which you needed the user rights for this position at that moment but were unable to act?
A few times, I have had to ask admins and other assistants to perform tasks that I as a rollback cannot, although I've definitely asked for more admin-only tasks that assistants can't do, I do feel like I definitely need the rights to perform all of the aforementioned tasks I listed in the previous question that only assistants can.

f. Is there anything else you want to add?
Not really other than thanks for voting, but if you oppose me or think I don't deserve the rights that's completely fine and totally understandable! :) Nothing person as there are probably more users out there who deserve the role more than I do, so feel free to give your honest input. Thanks everyone.





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