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a. Why do you believe you are qualified to be promoted to this position?
I have been on ESB for almost four years and have been activity editing for a while now. I also have a good knowledge of the policy and the manual of style.

b. Have you had experience with this position before?
Yes. I have had experience with being an administrator/content moderator on several other wikis.

c. What are your best contributions to Encyclopedia SpongeBobia and why?
I have been managing the Discord and News Team for months and helped them to grow. I have also helped to moderate the chat for almost two years now, and have closed/removed threads/replies that are against the policy. Additionally, I have voted on countless requests and have been participating in community discussions for a very long time. I believe that I have been contributing to and helping the wiki for a very long time now overall.

d. How do you plan to use your rights if your request is successful?
I will be active enough to respond to page protection/unprotection requests, and rename files/blogs. I will also make many edits to protected pages and fix any mistakes that users report on those pages.

e. Have you been in a situation in which you needed the user rights for this position at that moment but were unable to act?
Yes. I have been online when other assistants/admins were not and seen people requesting to make an edit to a protected page. I have also seen a few mistakes on protected pages in the past as well.

f. Is there anything else you want to add?
Yes. While there was the drama about me bringing off wiki drama to the wiki, I have been able to produce a reasonable defense for what I did on the administration reviews page, and sicne it was three months ago and I have not done so again, I don't think that it should be held against me. Also, I can be found on all of ESB's chats: Discord, Skype, and ESB Chat and can see requests to edit/protect/unprotect/rename pages in any of those locations. I think that I am active enough right now to be able to manage this new right if this request succeeds. Some of you might be concerned about my mainspace edit count. I can say that school is almost over for me and I will have enough time during the summer to edit and look at ESB. Furthermore, many of edits are large edits that have expanded and improved pages, and quality matters over quantity. If I do fall inactive later on in the year, you may just simply vote to remove me on the next administration reviews. I don't think there's any harm i allowing me to keep the rights while I am active. Finally, I want to thank anyone who would decide to vote on this request, no matter what you vote or who you are. All I want to ask is that you check on the page to see if I have responded to any concerns you may have. Please also leave a reason beside your vote, so I at least know how people feel about this. Thank you. The most expensive boss, Alex.sapre (talk) 22:44, May 25, 2018 (UTC)





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