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Request for Administrator Archive

The following adminship request has been closed. The page has been protected and now serves as an archive. Do not edit this page.
User requesting adminship: DanzxvFan8275
Date discussion closed: August 26, 2017
Result of discussion: Successful.

DanzxvFan8275 (wall contribs 25,858)

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a. Why do you believe you are qualified to be promoted to this position?
As an assistant and chat moderator, I actively contribute to discussions and articles everyday to help the wiki become the best it could be. I have over 6,000 edits here, over 2,000 being on articles, as well as holding the chat moderator right for almost 5 months and assistant for almost 3. During my tenures with these tools, I have learned a lot more about this community, and I've used these tools to keep trolls and spammers out of the chat, as well as keeping main namespace articles under control.

b. Have you had experience with this position before?
Yes. I am an administrator on many communities, but most notably on Movie Ideas Wiki, SuperMarioLogan Wiki, and SpongeBob Answers.

c. What are your best contributions to Encyclopedia SpongeBobia and why?
Recently, I've been cleaning up galleries by renaming images so they follow the naming scheme, as well as adding to them. However, I contribute to many aspects of this community, such as cleaning up articles in accordance with the Manual of Style, expanding articles, and moderating chat. Whenever an edit is needed or one is needed to be fixed, I'm mostly there to help.

d. How do you plan to use your rights if your request is successful?
I plan on using my adminship to delete spam/unnacceptable articles and files, helping users put if they have difficulties, warn/block users who are in violation of our policies, as well as using them to close discussions. I am also somewhat experienced in MediaWiki, so I will try my best to manage and update it.

e. Have you been in a situation in which you needed the user rights for this position at that moment but were unable to act?
Indeed I have. I've come across many threads/articles that are in biolation of our policies, but since I don't have the tools to accomplish the tasks, I have to report them to an administrator, which usually takes a somehat long amount of time. If I had the tools myself, I could deal with the issue right away, instead of waiting, which could lead to the problem continuing.

f. Is there anything else you want to add?
Not much, but if you do not think I am ready yet, do not hesitate to tell me - please give your honest opinion. Thank you, and have a good day.  DanzxvFan8275 (MCUE)DanPic.png  20:33, August 23, 2017 (UTC)