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Hi guys,

After Surf N' Turf leaked as it did, I think we need a spoiler policy. We have a duty of care for our readers to only read about episodes and content that has aired, not been leaked. Even though it was available for purchase on Amazon, the episode has been taken down and was still 'leaked'.

Therefore, here is what I'm proposing (quite rough draft form for now):


  • A. ESB is able to document a newly aired episode with spoiler content once it legally, intentionally, and legitimately first premieres in any country
  • B. The {{Spoiler}} template must be kept on all articles pertaining to a newly aired episode etc for 1 week after the episode premiered.
  • C. Users may discuss spoilers about a newly aired episode as soon as it airs in Forum/Discussions boards.
    • Users should be respectful of other users who have not seen the new episode.
  • D. Episodes that have been leaked in some form must not have any information or images added to their respective articles that have not been officially released by Nickelodeon or other respected agencies until the episode has aired on television.
    • For example, a gallery may only include images released in official promotional material before the episode airs. A newly aired episode may not have a transcript created until the episode premiere.

To address a concern here, as per my response there: users who come to this wiki should have a right to not be spoiled when reading about an episode before the episode airs on TV. Once the episode premieres, full spoilers can come into effect.

Questions welcome.

This proposal will end on November 12, 2018 at 6:07am EST. --Spongebob456 talk 11:07, November 5, 2018 (UTC)


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  • Support.png Support -  Figmeister (WCE)  06:35, November 6, 2018 (UTC) 
  • Oppose.png Oppose - An episode being leaked in another country before the US is never intentional, so I don't get why that would be allowed, but not other leaks. It just doesn't make sense. Also before you say "that was a legal, legitimate release" so was the Amazon release, but it was made unavailable shortly after, and people who legally bought the episode can still watch it, like when an episode gets leaked in another country, people who recorded it can still watch it, it's not like when an episode airs in another country it will air there 24/7 and everyone can legally watch it. Also "not been officially released by Nickelodeon" who gave Amazon the episode? Nickelodeon. Who made money from the release? Nickelodeon.  SpongeBot678 (MCE)  08:01, November 6, 2018 (UTC) 
  • Oppose.png Oppose - what  Chuck123456 (MCE) Average gradeaundera viewer.jpg 08:10, November 6, 2018 (UTC) 
  • Oppose.png Oppose - The current spoiler tag does the job just fine.  LuigiTheMurderer (MCE) WeegeeMario.gif 11:03, November 6, 2018 (UTC) 
  • Neutral.png Neutral -  Anthony2306 (WCLE)  12:58, November 6, 2018 (UTC) 
  • Oppose.png Oppose - Per Luigi and I personally enjoy epic spoiler moments.  Rocky LobsterPatricklickgif.gif (MCE)
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