Some of the objectives of Encyclopedia SpongeBobia are as follows:

Content needed

This section lists all the content need on ESB.

  • All episodes should have articles.
  • All video games should have articles
  • All main and major characters should have articles.
  • All minor characters with short descriptions listed at the character list.
  • There should be at least one images of every character who has an article.


See ESB: Episode transcripts for the guidelines. See List of SpongeBob SquarePants episode transcripts for the list of transcripts.

We need help making sure every episode is fully transcribed, and that they are properly formatted according to the guidelines.

Format of articles


A. An Infobox
1. Title Card (See below)
2. Show statistics (Episode #, Season #, etc.)
3. Credits (Writer, Director, etc.)
4. Links to all episodes
B. Head
1. Description and brief summary
2. Character list
3. Time/Date
4. Time cards shown
5. Songs (should be links to song(s) article(s))
C. Plot - a summary of the episode
D. Reception/Production Notes (if any)
E. Link to transcript
F. Cultural References (if any)
G. Trivia (if any)
H. Perhaps a discussion on trivia and cultural reference incorporation into the article.


A. An Infobox
B. Head - general description of character
C. Appearance - describe how the character looks
D. Biography
E. Character/Personality
F. Notable Quotes

Video games

A. Infobox with quick information
B. Orview of the game
C. Reception/Production notes
D. Characters/controls/codes list
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