The following is a list of users with multiple accounts. It is a policy that users of ESB use only one account, unless it is a bot account. This list keeps track of all multiple accounts.

Please note: Some instances of sockpuppetry can be far too excessive to document here.

Current users

Primary account Bot account(s) Other accounts
120d (W • C) 120dbot (W • C) (blocked)
2xnitro (W • C) 6xnitro (W • C) (blocked)
Hufsocks (W • C) (blocked)
Fishfan23 (W • C) (blocked)
AMK152 (W • C) AMK152Bot (W • C)
SpongeBobiaChatBot (W • C)
The Quickster01 (W • C) Andraman3.14 (W • C) (blocked)
TheNetworkingNoodle (W • C) (blocked)
Dr.Wiggles99 (W • C) (blocked)
Auron~Guardian (W • C) Riku KH (W • C) (disabled)
AW10 (W • C) AW10bot (W • C) (blocked)
Chase McFly (W • C) Marty Davenport (W • C) (disabled)
C.Syde65 (W • C) Syde BOT (W • C) (blocked)
DanzxvFan8275 (W • C) Phillybot25 (W • C) (blocked) $eanHSisawesome (W • C) (blocked)
DoctorKrabs (W • C) Cuck (W • C) (blocked)
GAOfficial (W • C) Garchomp2012 (W • C) (disabled)
Golfpecks256 (W • C) Golfpecks256Bot (W • C) (blocked)
Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls (W • C) Ninja5Bot (W • C)
Jensonk (W • C) Tuffducky (W • C) (blocked)
SpongeBobfeet (W • C) (blocked)
Bots22 (W • C) Spongefan13 (W • C) (blocked)
Jodan111 (W • C) (moved)
Kidboy24 (W • C) Kidbro24 (W • C) (blocked)
KockaAdmiralac (W • C) SpongeBobiaChatBot (W • C)
KockaBot (W • C)
Pera Pisar (W • C)
(approved test account)
Levimozart (W • C) (blocked) Levilowers (W • C) (disabled)
Hearing Loss the emotion (W • C) (blocked)
Maboyce716 (W • C) (blocked) Maboyce (W • C) (blocked)
Moody2009 (W • C) MarciaMoody2009 (W • C) (blocked)
Nicko756 (W • C) Nicko756Bot (W • C) (blocked)
Oprah Side (W • C) MightyMorphinJon (W • C) (disabled)
Pickle Pants 2 (W • C) CircOlz (W • C) (blocked)
Sawpog46 (W • C) Grom'ash Gro'balog (W • C) (blocked)
Spongebob456 (W • C) Spongebot456 (W • C)
SpongebobSquarepantsRocks (W • C) SpongeBob SquarePants Rocks (W • C)
SpongeFreddy777 (W • C) Spongebob2552 (W • C) (disabled)
Tanhamman (W • C) Tanhambot (W • C) (blocked)
TehLPSRemixer (W • C) DeviantPooper (W • C) (disabled)
Random Pony (W • C) (disabled)
SpongeyTube (W • C) (disabled)
The gamer 987654321 (W • C) AGenericContributor (W • C) (blocked)
TheInternetRuinedMyLife (W • C) Havingfun42 (W • C) (blocked)
Numerous other socks (excessive)
Tominator777 (W • C) Botinator777 (W • C) (blocked) TominatorXX (W • C) (blocked)
Tanooki racoony (W • C) Tanooki racoony is back (W • C) (blocked)
TheCatThatTookMyFish (W • C) Qwejid (W • C)
TheCatThatTookMyFish4 (W • C) (blocked)
TajakifLowa (W • C) (inactive)
Goldenburg111 (W • C) (disabled)
Jezz55 (W • C) (disabled)
Manirroo (W • C) (disabled)
Valetino23 (W • C) Valentino18 (W • C) (blocked)
LanaDelReyLove (W • C) BrickBot (W • C) (blocked) TheOneFootTallBrickWall (W • C) (disabled)
Octopus Wizard (W • C) Alan ~ Tyce (W • C) (disabled)
Weebster (W • C) (disabled)
Rick Sanhez (W • C) (disabled)
Arch Wizard Megumin (W • C) (disabled)
CaesarsLegion001 (W • C) RoadBot (W • C) (blocked) Golden RoadZ (W • C) (blocked)
Dinosaur250 (W • C) (disabled)
Flame Shadow1 (W • C) (disabled)
Road Runner1 (W • C) (disabled)
A Wikia Contributor ITALIAN's return (W • C) SpongeNickFan1200 (W • C) (disabled)
A Wikia Contributor ITALIAN (W • C)
Professor Hartington (W • C) WilliamToPaul (W • C) (disabled)
Bob Hartington (W • C) (disabled)
Hart New Bob (W • C) (disabled)
TheKorraFanatic (W • C)

FanaticBot (W • C)

TheKorraFanatic's testing account (W • C)

Kew1121 (W • C) (blocked) Kew1113 (W • C) (blocked)

Former users

Primary account Bot account(s) Other accounts
Patrick Wimbledon Star (W • C) Patrick Wumble Star (W • C)
PatrickWumbleStar99 (W • C)
PatrickWumbleStar1982 (W • C)
PatrickWumbleStar6 (W • C)
PatrickWumboStar6 (W • C)
Aka222 (W • C) Aarin222 (W • C)
, Aaroon200200 (W • C)
, Dannyx123 (W • C)
, Jnjn8293782917 (W • C)
IlsTheBloominoko (W • C) WarperLeviathan (W • C)
Cordf (W • C) Cordg (W • C)
Coreg (W • C)
Coriz (W • C)
Coroz (W • C)
Corozon (W • C)
Curuz (W • C)
Cordu (W • C)
Jackbradley2006 (W • C) (disabled) JB2006 (W • C) (disabled)
PeterLankton666 (W • C) (disabled)
JackTheTranslator (W • C) (disabled)
JackB2006 (W • C) (disabled)
JackBradley123 (W • C) (disabled)
InternationalJackBradley (W • C) (disabled)
InternationalGuy (W • C) (disabled)
Jackbradley20061 (W • C) (disabled)
Jackbradley20066 (W • C) (disabled)
Jackbradley6002 (W • C) (disabled)
Jackbradley3117 (W • C) (disabled)
JackBradley9999 (W • C) (globally blocked)
Jackbradley66000022 (W • C) (blocked)
Jackbrad!ey2006 (W • C) (blocked)
Jackbradley8888882006 (W • C) (blocked)
FrenchSpongeBob77 (W • C) (blocked)
FrenchSpongeBob777 (W • C) (blocked)
FrenchSpongeBob7777 (W • C) (blocked)
FrenchSpongeBob77777 (W • C) (blocked)
The Amazing Cartoon Girl (W • C) The Amazing Cartoon Girl 2 (W • C),
The Cartoon Girl 789 (W • C),
The Cartoon Girl 1212 (W • C),
The Cartoon Girl 110 (W • C),
The Cartoon Girl 101 (W • C),
The Cartoon Girl 22 (W • C),
Cartoon Girl 101 (W • C),
Cartoon Girl 22 (W • C),
Cartoon Girl 2 (W • C)
SmellyNachoPopPop (W • C) Spongegirl100 (W • C) (blocked)
Spongegirl993 (W • C)
Haryboti (W • C) Harybotioti (W • C) (blocked)
Shawn655786598467534695 (W • C) Shawn46365347846756548 (W • C) (blocked)
Shawn658465776853765858754 (W • C) (blocked)
Shawn67654765086987098709674 (W • C) (blocked)
Shawn6447586996868896345463 (W • C) (blocked)
Shawn76r76rti7tiot765e56ri97t9876re (W • C) (blocked)
Shawn85474653dfytryuru (W • C) (blocked)
Mustafajabbir (W • C) Mustafajabbir10 (W • C) (blocked)
Mustafajabbir2 (W • C) (blocked)
Jabbirmustafa (W • C) (blocked)
Jabbirmustafa16 (W • C) (blocked)
Jabbirmustafa (W • C) (blocked)
Mustafajabbir1 (W • C) (blocked)
Mustafajabbir13 (W • C) (blocked)
Mustafa003 (W • C) (blocked)
PatrickFan1 (W • C) PatrickFan2 (W • C)
Pokefan0702 (W • C) Pokelover0702 (W • C)
President Dubstep (W • C) (disabled) SS20Bot (W • C) (blocked) UltralightFade (W • C) (blocked)
LilPumpJetski (W • C) (blocked)
Batcheno (W • C) Haris18 (W • C)
MassiveCheese (W • C) BONDWITHMEJIMMY (W • C)
BabylonJosh (W • C) BayblonJoshALT (W • C)
Kaleb.shultz (W • C) Ughthebooger (W • C) (blocked)
Rut n rod (W • C)
FliplineFan12 (W • C) (disabled) FliplineFan12 (Bot) (W • C) (blocked)
Hollow Mario (W • C) (inactive) Arrancar Mario(Hollow Mario) (W • C) (blocked)
Hollow Mario (new) (W • C) (blocked)
Jcpag2010 (W • C) (blocked) CarloJoshBot (W • C) (disabled)
Help Me First (W • C) (globally blocked)
Jcpag2010 Alt (W • C) (blocked)
OutlookJohn (W • C) (blocked)
Quack Quack Quack (W • C) (blocked)
SBSPWikiTroll (W • C) (globally blocked/disabled)
KrabsIsBottom2Pearl (W • C) (inactive) PearlIsBottom2Krabs (W • C) (blocked)
SeptemCity (W • C) (inactive) Seventho (W • C) (disabled)
Da Nerd (W • C) (disabled)
Herewithoutachange (W • C) (disabled)
Sapphire the wonderful gem (W • C) (globally blocked) Opal the friendly gem (W • C) (blocked)
Screenpenguin (W • C) (blocked) Pipko411 (W • C) (blocked)
*mynameischrome* (W • C) Gary the Snail, Pet of SpongeBob SquarePants (W • C) (blocked)
Mr. Krabs, Founder of the Krusty Krab (W • C) (blocked)
Patrick Star, Teacher of Wumbology (W • C) (blocked)
Sheldon J. Plankton, Owner of the Chum Bucket (W • C) (blocked)
Squidward Q. Tentacles, Mediocre Clarinet Player (W • C) (blocked)
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