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This page is for the purpose of organizing all maintenance-related templates and categories.



The code indicates the code you use to place that template on an article.

By cleanup need

Template Category Size Code Notes
ArticlePurpose Articles with undefined purpose 6 {{ArticlePurpose}}
Bio People in need of biographies 130 {{Bio}}
Cleanup Articles in need of cleanup 191 {{Cleanup}}
Gallery-incomplete Incomplete galleries 296 {{Gallery-incomplete}}
Expand Articles in need of expansion 223 {{Expand}}
Format-APM APM articles in need of formatting 0 {{Format-APM}}
Format-appearances Character appearance subpages in need of formatting 0 {{Format-appearances}}
Image-needed Articles in need of images 81 {{Image-needed}}
Image-quality Articles in need of better images 287 {{Image-quality}}
Infobox-incomplete Articles with incomplete infoboxes 329 {{Infobox-incomplete}}
Infobox-needed Articles in need of an infobox 7 {{Infobox-needed}}
Merge Proposed merges 0 {{Merge}}
Name Articles in need of name references 20 {{Name}}
Organize-gallery Galleries in need of organization 127 {{Organize-gallery}}
Proper-infobox-needed Articles in need of a proper infobox 2 {{Proper-infobox-needed}}
Section-expand Sections in need of expansion 195 {{Section-expand}}
Speculation Articles containing speculation 7 {{Speculation}}
Spoiler Articles containing spoilers 39 {{Spoiler}}
SpoilerRecent Articles containing spoilers 39 {{SpoilerRecent}}
Reference-name Articles in need of name references 20 {{Reference-name}}
Transcript-cleanup Transcripts in need of cleanup 42 {{Transcript-cleanup}}
Transcript-incomplete Transcripts in need of completion 60 {{Transcript-incomplete}}
Under Construction Articles under construction 146 {{Under Construction}}
Unsourced Articles in need of sources 18 {{Unsourced}}
Video-needed Articles in need of videos 51 {{Video-needed}}
Video-quality Articles in need of better videos 39 {{Video-quality}}

Automatically generated

The following maintenance categories are automatically generated by another template, so adding a maintenance template is not necessary.

Template Category Size Code Notes
Object Objects missing type 1 {{Object}}
Object Objects with one appearance using both appearance fields‎ 0 {{Object}}
Person Person infoboxes missing birthdate 92 {{Person}}
Person Person infoboxes missing image 8 {{Person}}
Location Locations with one appearance using both appearance fields 1 {{Location}}


Template Category Size Code Notes
Stub Stubs 308 {{Stub}}
Stub Book stubs 100 {{Stub|Book}}
Stub Character stubs 26 {{Stub|Character}}
Stub Games stubs 66 {{Stub|Games}}
Stub International stubs 63 {{Stub|International}}
Stub Location stubs 10 {{Stub|Location}}
Stub Object stubs 10 {{Stub|Object}}
Stub Person stubs 82 {{Stub|Person}}

Multiple issues

If an article has multuple issues, use this template: Template:MultiIssues.

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