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The following is a glossary of terms.


  • 1. Administrator - any user of the wiki with sysop privileges.
  • 2. Article - a piece of writing included with others in a newspaper, magazine, or other publication.
  • 3. Assistant - any user of the wiki with the assistant right.
  • 4. Bureaucrat - any administrator of the wiki with bureaucratic privileges.
  • 5. Chat - a form of communication between users of Fandom, including, but not limited to: ESB Chat, Skype, and IRC.
  • 6. Chat moderator - a user that has the ability to kick and ban other users from the chat.
  • 7. Compilation - a thing, especially a book, record, or broadcast program, that is put together by assembling previously separate items.
  • 8. Demotion - a removal of a user from a user right, either through user rights review, resignation, or removal by a user of higher power.
  • 9. Discussion moderator - a user with the ability to manage threads and the forum.
  • 10. Edit war - a dispute in which two or more editors revert changes to an article between opposing revisions.
  • 11. Editing role - a role that has to do with the editing aspect of the wiki, including rollbacks, administrators, and assistants.
  • 12. Gallery - a collection of image/video files on an article.
  • 13. Impersonator - a user who pretends to be someone who they are not.
  • 14. List - a number of connected items or names written or printed consecutively, typically one below the other.
  • 15. Main namespace - informational content of the wiki.
  • 16. Namespace - group of pages with similar purposes.
  • 17. Page header - the top of the page, which features the name of the page.
  • 18. Page title - the title of the article that appears in the page header and the URL.
  • 19. Partial revert - reversing only part of a prior edit, while retaining other parts of it.
  • 20. Resign - the voluntary act of giving up a promoted position.
  • 21. Retire - the voluntary act of giving up a promoted position and ceasing activity on the wiki.
  • 22. Revert - reversing a prior edit, which typically results in the article being restored to a version that existed sometime previously.
  • 23. Rollback - any user that has the user right to quickly remove several edits on a user that are continuous on a single article.
  • 24. Sandbox - a page for testing.
  • 25. Social role - a role that has to do with the social aspect of the wiki, including chat moderators and discussion moderators.
  • 26. Transcript - an article composed of a written version of an episode, short, special, movie, ride, or video game cutscenes.
  • 27. User - any member of the wiki's community.


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