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This page documents an Encyclopedia SpongeBobia guideline. This is an accepted standard that editors must follow for purposes of improving the quality of content on the wiki.

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This page provides the details into the layout and formatting used in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode galleries. For the assessment, click here.

Naming scheme

Help Wanted
Help Wanted/transcript
Help Wanted/gallery
Help Wanted, Reef Blower, and Tea at the Treedome (credits)
Talk:Help Wanted


|title = <!-- name of the episode -->
|titlecard = <!-- file name of the image that shows title card -->
|seasonnumber = <!-- season's number -->
|episodenumber = <!-- episode's number -->
|airdate = <!-- date it aired -->
<gallery widths="180" position="center">
<!-- images -->


There are two categories of rules:

  • Strict - they need to be followed directly
  • Alterable - they can be altered to fit the article; it depends on the contributor's decision

Strict rules

  1. Galleries need to contain more than 30 images of the scenes from the actual episode (credits images are not counted)
  2. Galleries need to show the order of images as they appear to give an idea as to the episode's storyline
  3. All images of the same scene need to be removed
  4. All images need to be in chronological order
  5. All images in gallery must not contain extra graphics on them (i.e. logos, including Nickelodeon logo)
  6. All images must be screenshots, photos taken by camera are not acceptable
  7. All images need to be of the same resolution and contain no extra part of the image (i.e. extra space, such as a border)
  8. Either all images contain captions or none
  9. The first line of all galleries consisting solely of images from episodes must be the following:
    <gallery widths="180" position="center" hideaddbutton="true">
  10. The first line of all galleries that do not solely consist of images from episodes must be the following:
    <gallery widths="180" position="center">
  11. Image file names need to follow this name scheme:

Alterable rules

  • If some of the images in the gallery do not follow the strict rules #5 or #6, they need to be replaced with an image of the same scene that does.
    • If a contributor thinks that an image should be removed and it is not a duplicate, they can remove it, but they need to specify why in the edit summary.
    • However, the contributor is not allowed to remove all images that were in the gallery and put their own images there. This wiki is community-built.
    • When removing images, the contributor should consider this criteria: "We really don't need a screenshot of every scene in the episode, we just need to highlight the important ones and give an idea as to the storyline."


  • Reviewers of the episode galleries should ignore the image file names. Once everything, except the image file names, are according to the guidelines, all images in the gallery should be renamed, so they follow the naming scheme that prevails in the gallery at that moment and protect the article.


  • A gallery of episode production art needs to be put as a subsection of the main article's section "Production" and the subsection should be called "Art."