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This page documents an Encyclopedia SpongeBobia guideline. This is an accepted standard that editors must follow for purposes of improving the quality of content on the wiki.

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This page provides the details into the layout and formatting used in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode articles.

Naming scheme

Help Wanted
Help Wanted/transcript
Help Wanted/gallery
Help Wanted, Reef Blower, and Tea at the Treedome (credits)
Talk:Help Wanted


This outlines the general guidelines for episode articles.

  • A. Table of contents - there will be no table of contents.
  • B. Head - the head of the article is generated from the infobox template.

Associated templates


Upper navigation

The upper navigation, the tabs template, is within the Infobox template.


The infobox for episode articles is a template located at the top of the page, including key information about the episode.

Contents of the infobox
  • Title of the episode
  • An image of the title card (without any logos or extra black/white space)
  • The season #
  • The episode #
  • The original U.S. air date. All other air dates will go in the "Release" section (see below)
  • The sister episode(s)
  • All credits that appear in the opening credits will be listed; the other credits will be listed on their own sub page.
  • All guests will be listed from all sources, which includes:
  • All recurring and "one appearance" characters that are significantly important for the episode
  • Everyone that is strictly specified as a guest in the pre-episode cast or in credits
  • All music composers and people that appeared as themselves
  • The chronology (succeeding and preceding episode)
  • A link to the full list of episodes

All other information currently on the template will gradually be placed in other, more relevant sections. Do not remove any information because we changed the format. Be sure to move the new information to the correct location on the new format.

Character list

The character list will be in this format:

*Character 1
*Character 2
*Character 3 <small>(debut)</small>

All characters will be listed in order of their appearance (even if a narrator speaks first, they will be listed first). Also, we will only include characters relevant to the episode to be listed. All other characters will have their mention in the transcript and their respective character articles. In order to figure out if a certain character qualifies to be listed, ask yourself this: "if this character was taken out of the episode, would it change the plot?"

Section 1: Synopsis

The first section is called "Synopsis," formally called "Plot." It will be a summary of the episode. Do not over link. Only link place names once. Also, make sure the synopsis is written in present-tense. Running gags will be covered in a subsection.

The maximum image size in the synopsis section should be 200px. There is a maximum of two images in episode summaries, four in double length episodes, six in movie articles. If an episode article needs to exceed that image limit, please inform an administrator who can review that case.

Section 2: Production

The second section is called "Production" and will be broken down into four subsections.

Section 2a: Development

This subsection will cover the development of the episode. It can include how the episode was made and how certain voice actors were cast. It can also include behind the scenes and details regarding the episode's deleted scenes.

Section 2b: Music

This subsection will list the music in the episode. It will have maximally three parts.

Featured music

If any significantly important music plays in the episode, it will have a paragraph explaining it.

Chronological list

There are three different templates for three different kind of music:

Associated production music (‣):
{{APM|first letter or #|name|artist(s)|stage direction or a "quote"}}

Original music (•):
{{OM|name|artist(s)|stage direction or a "quote"}}

SpongeBob music (◦):
{{SB|name|artist(s)|stage direction or a "quote"}}

This part will begin with the Template:MLegend which explains the bullets of all three diferent types. The template will be followed by a chronological list of all music used in the episode. Here is the usage example of the most common lines in the list:

{{APM||||Patrick at the door}}
{{APM|h|Heroes Win|Gregor F. Narholz|"Oh, yeah? Watch this!"}}
{{APM|r|Rock-a-Bye Baby|''traditional''|title card}}
{{APM|d|The Drunken Sailor||patty gadget buried underground}}
{{OM|War Blowers|The Blue Hawaiians|plays throughout}}
{{OM||Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield|ending}}
{{SB|He's Flying|Eban Schletter, Paul Tibbitt, Kent Osborne}}
{{SB|Ripped Pants (song){{!}}Ripped Pants|Peter Straus, Paul Tibbitt}}
{{SB||Steven Banks, Zeus Cervas, Erik Wiese, Andy Paley|Squidly sings}}
 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  ? [Patrick at the door]
  Heroes Win - Gregor F. Narholz ["Oh, yeah? Watch this!"]
  Rock-a-Bye Baby - traditional [title card]
  The Drunken Sailor - ? [patty gadget buried underground]
  War Blowers - The Blue Hawaiians [plays throughout]
  ? - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [ending]
  He's Flying - Eban Schletter, Paul Tibbitt, Kent Osborne
  Ripped Pants - Peter Straus, Paul Tibbitt
  ? - Steven Banks, Zeus Cervas, Erik Wiese, Andy Paley [Squidly sings]


If music line requires additional information, you will need to put one or more asterisks (*) at the end of a artist(s) parameter and explain them using Template:Note. The template(s) needs to be devided from a chronological list by an empty row in the source code. Here is the usage example on the tracks from Employee of the Month:

{{APM|a|Agent Woodrow|The Woodies*|SpongeBob spying on Squidward}}
{{APM|m|Mavericks|The Woodies**|they race to the Krusty Krab}}

{{Note|1|on the Season 1 DVD, this is replaced with "Hercule Poirot" by Gerhard Trede}}
{{Note|2|on the Season 1 DVD, this is replaced with "El Dementia" by The Surfdusters}}

  Agent Woodrow - The Woodies* [SpongeBob spying on Squidward]
  Mavericks - The Woodies** [they race to the Krusty Krab]

*on the Season 1 DVD, this is replaced with "Hercule Poirot" by Gerhard Trede
**on the Season 1 DVD, this is replaced with "El Dementia" by The Surfdusters

Section 2c: Release

This subsection will cover the release of the episode, pre-release and post-release. This includes the advertising and marketing of the episode, the air dates (domestic and international), DVD releases and number of viewers.

Section 2d: Reception

This subsection will cover how the episode was received by viewers and critics. This will include ratings (short term and long term) and reviews (summary of fan site reviews and critical reviews). This subsection will also include any awards the episode received, and the legacy. The legacy may include the fan following, product derived as a result of the episode popularity, and internet phenomenon, all of which will need sources. However, general and personal reception is not allowed.

For the Best Day Ever and SpongeBash marathon ranks, use Template:Rank but omit "#" when filling parameters:

  • {{Rank|title|BDE=|SB=}}

Section 3: Trivia

The third section will consist of trivia.

If an article contains a longer list of trivia, it can be broken down into the following categories, in order:

  • 1. General - contains all general and miscellaneous trivia not covered by the other sections.
  • 2. Cultural references - contains all cultural references.
  • 3. Errors - contains all errors in the episode. Errors not within the episode itself, such as incorrect captioning or cable guide display, are not to be included.

Each trivia subsection shall appear as follows:



===Cultural references===


Section 4: References

A list of references.

Section 5: External links

A list of external links, including:

  • Official SpongeBob websites
  • Social media platforms
  • A link to Wikipedia (if the article exists)


An example of an article that follows these guidelines very well is "Help Wanted."


|title = <!-- Name of Episode -->
|titlecard = <!-- Title Card -->
|seasonnumber = <!-- Season number (numeral) -->
|episodenumber = <!-- Episode number -->
|airdate = [[DATE]], [[YEAR]]
|sisterep = <!-- Episodes this one is tied with -->
|BDE Rank = <!-- Best Day Ever rank -->
|SB Rank = <!-- SpongeBash rank -->
|guests = <!-- Guests (if any) -->
|writer = 
|storyboard artist = 
|supervising producer = 
|director = 
|director-storyboard = 
|director-animation = 
|director-creative = 
|director-technical = 
|briefsummary = <!-- summarize the episode in one sentence -->

*List the characters from the cast here, in order of appearance

Type the plot of the episode here.

===Running gags===
*Running gags go in their own subsection

Describe the production process of this episode. Include distribution and media.

Describe the animation process of this episode, if any

*List of associated production music

*List of original music

*[[Link to song]]

Describe details on how this episode was received by fans/critics. Include criticial reviews, marathon rankings, awards, and legacy.

*List general trivia here, if any.

===Cultural references===
*Cultural references go in their own subsection

*Errors go in their own subsection

<!--Please try to incorporate trivia into the rest of the article instead of listing it here-->

<!--Notes are listed here; Use <ref>NOTE</ref> after the place you are noting.-->

==External Links==
<!--Put links to where this episode can be watched online here-->

<!--do not worry about categories; the article categories are already generated from the data entered in the Infobox-->