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The deletion policy outlines what happens when articles are deleted or merged and how to request articles be deleted or merged. Articles may be deleted on ESB if they are not up to standard or if they are not needed on the wiki, just to name two examples. The community can request articles be deleted or merged using the policy below.

Deletion policy

The requests for deletion and requests for merge processes should generally be used to discuss deletions and merges. However, pages may be deleted by an administrator immediately without a discussion if the page breaks any of the "article relevance," "crossover content" and "fanon" sections of the content policy.

If there is a page that a user thinks should be deleted but does not violate the content policy, the user should bring the page in question to a deletion or merge discussion as outlined in this article.

Anyone can nominate a page (article, template, category, image, video, etc.) they feel should be deleted or merged. There cannot be more than 30 deletion or merge requests open at a given time. If there are already 30 requests at one time, do not create more or the requests made over the limit will be marked as invalid.


Fill out the deletion request or the merge request form where the process is outlined further.