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I think we should change Assistant to Content Moderator. Why, because at times (especially very recently), when a user who makes unnecessary or spam pages; an assistant, notably Anthony and Dragon, will notice it before an admin. The problem is though is that they can't delete the pages, but a content moderator can; a Content Moderator is bacically an admin who can't block users. Also, Content Moderator is the more modern role of Assistant. This is overall why we need to change from "Assistant" to "Content Moderator." Expert at Terraria.png

I think it would be a better idea to upgrade the Assistant right (one of the administrators would need to contact Staff using Special:Contact/general) to include all of the rights Content Moderators have. TheKorraFanatic (Message Wall) (Contributions) (Guestbook)

@Expert at Terraria I'm afraid I have to disagree. I can see how they may catch some spam pages. But assistants shouldn't be the ones dealing with it. I mean, they can help, but that authority should mainly be towards an admin. Considering how many admins there are, now flexible and available some can be, and how there has only been one incident where a troll inflicted serious, ongoing vandalism for a long time, I don't think giving them the deletion rights would even be nessecary or help with the vandalism. Admins can delete the spam pages. Considering how even if assistants delete the pages, they can't block the user anyway from creating anymore. Assistants should be reporting vandals, not dealing with them. Or dealing with them by reverting edits (although I don't recommend edit warring before the vandal has been blocked.)

As for renaming to "content moderator," I don't really understand how it's more modern than assistant. To be honest, I really liked esb's unique version of content mod (although not 100%). Although content mod was introduced later than assistant, an assistant with almost practically the same abilities doesn't need a name change. It's the rights that matter, not how it's called.

In general, people often speculate how deletion will come in handy for assistants who often patrol the wiki activity. Deletion is not something that is common. I suppose it can be, but usually pages are proposed to be deleted, or deleted due to the relevance and necessity of it. If assistants need something deleted, as I said, they can do one of the two. It doesn't cost them much to ask an administrator. Also taking into consideration of AMK and Auron's concerns and the community input here. With that being said, I do not think there is enough sole evidence to say we need to give assistants a sudden right that usually is a big factor when differentiating assistants from administrators.
Golfpecks2.png (Contact • Contrib) 01:03, December 6, 2018 (UTC)

@Korra How come it would be better to change the assistant powers though? Why not just switch to content moderator. Most wikis (both old and new) have or switched to content moderator. Why not the wiki. Expert at Terraria.png

We have discussed this before, and the idea of the assistant is to be a stepping stone to admin, not almost admin. — AMK152 (Wall • Contrib) 05:04, December 12, 2018 (UTC)

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