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The communication policy is about how users communicate with each other as the best ways to do so. Key discussions in their appropriate place and allow other users and admin to comment.

Communication policy

Off-topic conversations

Off-topic discussions are allowed, but must be kept on the off-topic discussions category. Administrators and discussions moderators reserve the right to remove discussion they deem unnecessary. No more than 30 off topic posts may be created on discussions per day. A day is defined by the time period from each midnight using coordinated universal time (UTC). This restriction does not include games threads. Posts which exceed that limit will be removed, and the user who created the thread will be warned or blocked in line with the blocking policy.

Admin responses

If an administrator requests a response from a user regarding an issue, that user must respond to them. If the user makes a combined total of more than ten (10) edits or posts and twenty-four (24) hours have passed since the time of the administrator's message without the user responding, this will be considered ignoring and the user may be warned and/or blocked, depending on the nature of the issue.


Please do not discuss another wiki's issues on this wiki. Those issues belong on the associated wiki, not on ESB. Other wiki issues can be discussed on Community Central with the appropriate users.

You can also not forbid someone to message you on your message wall. It is any user's right to message another user and attempting to stop this will be considered unnecessary drama creation. Likewise, it is forbidden to have "invite only" threads or blogs, with a blanket ban on contributions from most users. This is a public site and users are free to contribute in any thread or blog comments section that they wish.

Keep things organized

Don't necropost, which means do not reply to discussion threads, messages on other users' walls, blog posts or comments that haven't been replied to in three (3) months or more without an administrator's permission.

Similarly, take things to the appropriate discussion areas on Discord and Discussions.


Minimodding is not allowed, even as a joke. Below is an example of what constitutes minimodding.

  1. Not minimodding: "Don't spam, it's against the rules."
  2. Minimodding: "Stop spamming or I'll block you."

Administrators and discussion moderators reserve the right to remove messages and warn users at their discretion.