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The following is the chat policy for the chatroom (and Skype) at Encyclopedia SpongeBobia.

Chat policy

  • 1. All policies in this general section apply to all ESB-related chat rooms: ESB chatroom on Fandom and Skype chat rooms including "SpongeBobia Chatroom," "ESB Chat Moderators," "ESB Administrators," and "ESB Bureaucrats."
  • 2. All ESB policies and Fandom policies apply in the ESB Chatroom and all ESB Skype chat rooms including "SpongeBobia Chatroom," "ESB Chat Moderators," "ESB Administrators," and "ESB Bureaucrats."
  • 3. Abusing communication tools is forbidden. This includes blank messages, gibberish, and other examples listed here.
  • a. Do not make words by spreading them out into multiple messages.
  • b. Writing anything else that is abusing communication tools can result in a kick or ban by the discretion of the banning moderator or administrator in a Skype chat room.
  • 4. English is the preferred language in the chatroom. It is recommended to not use other languages. Using other languages to spam, troll, or to swear is not allowed.
  • 5. Trolling is forbidden.
  • a. If anyone is disturbing the chat room environment and not providing anything useful to the conversation which may be considered trolling, chat moderators and administrators can ban the user from chat immediately. In Skype, users continuing to troll will receive a kick. Administrators can block them infinitely from ESB at their discretion if they feel the user does not provide any positive engagement to the community.
  • b. Anyone trolling in the ESB chat room will result in an immediate ban. The administration may infinitely block the user from ESB.
  • 6. Profanity
  • a. Profanity, including use as an acronym or censored, except for the words "damn" and "hell," which are allowed if they are used in context and not against another user, is forbidden.
  • b. Any use of profanity (except hell and damn) after a user is issued a warning will immediately result in a temporary ban from chat.
  • 7. Be respectful toward all users, their views, and their opinions. Do not discriminate against or harass anyone. Doing so can result in a kick or ban by the discretion of the moderator.
  • 8. Posing as a user of a higher position than you is forbidden.
  • 9. Posting anything inappropriate or links to inappropriate sites is forbidden. This includes linking to content not suitable for children under the age of 13, notably sexual content. The chatroom is to remain clean.
  • 10. Asking users for personal information (age, phone numbers, addresses, ASL (age/sex/location), religious beliefs, etc.) is forbidden.
  • 11. If you are going to exchange social networking information (Skype, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), do it in a private message.
  • 12. Arguing or getting into a heated debate is forbidden. Friendly, civil debates are allowed.
  • 13. Creating drama is forbidden.
  • 14. Refrain from saying things that are not useful to the conversation and continue to interrupt those having a conversation. If more than one person is doing this, those people must take the conversation somewhere else.
  • 1. The policies in this section apply to the ESB Chatroom on Fandom.
  • 2. Specific rules
  • a. Doorspamming (coming in and out of chat) is forbidden. It is understandable if you have a bad connection, but note you may be kicked to stop the flooding. Anyone doing this on purpose shall be temporarily banned.
  • b. Chat invasions (inviting a large group to chat, normally to troll and/or spam) are forbidden.
  • c. ChatTags are also enabled on ESB's chatroom. You may have fun with them, but you may not misuse them. i.e., using colors for every message you send.
  • d. All moderator orders must be obeyed unless said otherwise by an administrator or someone of higher power.
  • e. Abusing the chatbot (username: SpongeBobiaChatBot) is forbidden. It is okay to have a little fun with the chatbot sometimes, but if it gets excessive, a chat moderator can kick or ban you at their discretion.
  • 3. Underage users
  • a. It is against Fandom policy for a person under the age of 13 to use Fandom. It is against ESB policy for persons under the age of 13 to reveal their age.
  • b. Any user who is underage or claims to be underage will not be blocked or banned.
  • c. All underage users will be dealt with by Fandom Staff, not by ESB staff.
  • 4. Moderators
  • a. All administrators, and bureaucrats are chat moderators. A selected few chatters are granted chat moderator status because they are active in chat and trusted to keep the peace.
  • b. Kicking or banning users for no reason is forbidden.
  • c. Any abuse of chat moderator powers will result in immediate demotion. Any continued abuse may result in a block.
  • d. Chat moderators have no jurisdiction over what happens in a private message. If someone bothers you, ignore them. There is no definite way to prove what is in a private message.
  • e. There is a hierarchy in the chatroom. Chat moderators are outranked by discussion moderators, discussion moderators are outranked by administrators, and administrators are outranked by bureaucrats. Therefore, if a user is breaking a rule in chat, the users highest in command will deal with them. If they are unresponsive, the responsibility goes down the chain of hierarchy.


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