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BrickBot (wall contribs 6)

Information Details
Blocking administrator Squiddleward.
Length of block Infinite.
Reason for block Non-admin bot account.
User starting review TheKorraFanatic
Reason for review In August, TheOneFootTallBrickWall's bot account, BrickBot, was infinitely blocked for being a non-bot administrator account. While this was a fair block, I believe that the account should be unblocked due to Brick disabling his main account in November with the intent of leaving FANDOM; however, Brick has returned to FANDOM (mainly CCC and a few other wikis) using his bot account as his main account. While he's not as active on FANDOM as he used to be, he does make the occasional visit now and then. Due to the account no longer being flagged as a bot, I think the previous reason is now invalid and with Brick's old account no longer being accessible, I see no reason as to why this account should be blocked anymore.




  • Oppose Oppose - Brick has shown absolute disregard and held grudges against several users. On several occasions, he has dragged drama from outside of the wiki into the wiki in attempts to get that user in trouble. I believe he shouldn’t be unblocked because of this.  DanzxvFan8275 (MCUE)DanPic  13:47, March 8, 2018 (UTC) 
  • Oppose Oppose - Per Dan. Sorry to Brick, but his Reputation Wiki he made in October was very attention-seeking and caused way too much drama. While I feel bad for what he's gone through, nobody needs to make a whole wiki to tell people what they think of others. In fact, ICANHASCOOKIE has done this before, although his wikis were deleted. He also put this beforehand saying we should wait until "October 18, 2017" before telling us about that wiki. If AustinD-3 got blocked permanently for trolling when he made that blog, why should Brick go Scot-free? Ɔ • W • blɿoWɘʜTxoЯɘƨɘɘʜƆ 20:13, March 8, 2018 (UTC)


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