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AustinD-3 (wall contribs 3,058)

Information Details
Blocking administrator Nicko756
Length of block infinite
Reason for block Trolling.
User starting review Chuck123456
Reason for review per skype dm: "I honestly have no clue on why I was blocked for trolling. My recent messages were implied to be cryptic about me coming back, not to troll, but rather to come back, be civil, and try and gain back the respect from you guys. I love each and everyone of you, honestly. Each and everyone of you are awesome people to talk to and being honest I like you guys a lot more than my real life friends. It makes me upset a 6+ year tenure (other accounts) is coming to an end like this. I never intended to create disruptions, I am sorry for all the drama I caused, and all I am asking for is a second chance."

as you see, Austin wasn't trolling or had any intention to. i believe all of you were just assuming and had no actual reason to believe that he has bad intentions. if you ask me, Austin was blocked unfairly and for no actual reason, therefore i believe he should be unblocked.

UPDATE: according to the blocking policy, "1. If a user is violating any rule, administrators must resolve the problem and politely notify the user of their wrongdoing by giving one (1) warning on their message wall." which means users have to be notified of their wrong doings. the only exception is if someone harms the wiki which Austin did not. that basically means that Austin was wrongfully blocked.



  • Neutral Neutral - AFallenPower (TalkContributions)
  • Neutral Neutral leaning towards Support - I honestly am torn on this one. On one hand I do believe that it was unfair to block him infanantly over something that was said off wiki but he also did act rather badly in chat not to long ago asking people to ban him. I think a good compromise might be to shorten his block since he really hasn't done anything that bad on the wiki, he made a vague blog post and people jumped to conclusions. thats about all ive seen on the wiki asde from the chat incedent. WolfWink L Auron ⚡ Yeah, that's right baby! Welcome to my locker! ⚡ Ammy 
  • Neutral Neutral - Per Auron.  Tyler730 (MCE)  19:18, March 4, 2018 (UTC) 


  • Oppose Oppose or shorten block - Recently was banned from chat for trolling with the mods. Consistently telling users to be "prepared" for March 4th and even cleared his userpage using morsal code and even some revisions are questionable on whether he actually wants to return or just troll. Also, even though ESB Chat PMs are ruleproof, from my experience, he used profanity in PMs with me when he got banned a week before for trolling with profanity.
    Golfpecks2 (Contact • Contrib) 17:11, March 4, 2018 (UTC)
  • Oppose Oppose - He is trolling and starving for attention, why let him have that? Xenos001 (talk)
  • Comment Comment - did y'all even read the reasoning? i said he was not trolling, so why are you saying "oh he was trolling."  Chuck123456 (MCE) Average gradeaundera viewer 18:37, March 4, 2018 (UTC) 
  • Oppose Oppose - He was banned from chat for trolling, per his chat ban log. He was also warned by the chat moderators not to troll, but he continued (one of the words is censored because it was inappropriate):
10:00 TheKorraFanatic What?
10:00 AustinD-3 Ban me
10:00 TheKorraFanatic No.
10:00 AustinD-3 Do it
10:01 Auron~Guardian no
10:01 AustinD-3 Fine.
O now you gotta
10:01 TheKorraFanatic Please don't swear.
10:01 AustinD-3 Why
10:01 TheKorraFanatic Because it's against the guidelines.
10:01 AustinD-3 So
How about you get a life and get a grasp of the real world like I did and quit here
10:02 TheKorraFanatic Please stop trolling.
10:02 AustinD-3 Haha haha
We have very strict rules when it comes to trolling. As per the policy, "anyone trolling in the ESB chat room will result in an immediate ban. The administration may infinitely block the user from ESB." In addition, these two messages, as well as many of his recent edits, show him blatantly trolling and trying to get attention as well. I may support shortening his block further down the line, but not anytime soon.  Nicko756 (MCE) Sign!Dp  00:30, March 5, 2018 (UTC) 
  • Oppose Oppose - I am extremely suspicious that he only wants back to do something bad to ESB. He showed no care at obvious trolling both on and off wiki, and I don't see why he would suddenly apologize on the day he mentioned he will do something. The most expensive boss, Alex.sapre (talk) 02:25, March 5, 2018 (UTC)
  • Oppose Oppose - Since he made that block and another blocked troll noticed that he is wanting attention, I am also suspicious. Also per Nicko. This edit on his userpage definitely means that he will likely be ready to spam or vandalize.
    BF10OrdersTipsAttendenceLogs 16:22, March 5, 2018 (UTC)


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