Dylan is a character who appears in the episode "Whale Watching." He was Pearl's boyfriend until he ditched her.


He is a light blue narwhal who wears a green shirt and has a long blue nose and arms. He also has brown-yellow hair and blue eyelids.

Role in episode

Dylan first appears when he drops Pearl off at her home. He promises her to pick her up at 8:00 so they can go to a party, before driving away.

When the evening comes, Dylan arrives to pick her up for the party. Pearl sneaks out of the house and drives away with him. He then takes her to the surface where his friends are having a breach party. While they are at the party, Squidward shows up and tries to convince Pearl to come back home. Squidward plays his clarinet to make jazz, but the teens do not like it. Very soon, Squidward humiliates himself by tying himself up in a yo-yo.

Dylan tells Pearl to leave him and they go to jump over the surface, which is their favorite activity. When Pearl performs a jump, she ends up getting beached on Bikini Atoll's shore. Dylan and the party goers are scared of the trouble they will be in before ditching Pearl and fleeing the scene, but Squidward saves her and brings her back home.

Pearl and Squidward get revenge on Dylan by giving SpongeBob to him, which results in him running away in horror as SpongeBob chases him. Squidward and Pearl proceed to laugh at his suffering.
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