That machine huffing and puffing over there is a Duplicatotron 1000. The D1000 will continue to create robots until it is destroyed. Be careful, though, it goes out with a big bang!
      —Sign in Jellyfish Fields
The Duplicatotron is a machine that appears in the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom and its remake Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated.

They were remade into Spawners in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game.


The Duplicatotron is a large blue and gray machine with a control panel, a lever, and a red sign with five lights that displays the word "Duplicatotron" in yellow text. The machine has various pumps and a large funnel attached to it.

The Duplicatotron 1000 is the standard model, whereas the much larger Duplicatotron 3000 is the original source of all of the robots, including the Duplicatotron 1000s.

Role in game


The Duplicatotron 1000 is a hazard that appears in every level, except for the hub and boss levels. It dispenses balls of metal from its funnel, which turn into various robots and will not stop until it is hit with an attack. However, once hit, it will explode a couple of seconds later, damaging the player if they're standing next to it. Destroying a Duplicatotron 1000 earns the player 50 Shiny Objects.

Duplicatotron 1000s are often keys to puzzles in the game. They often hide golden spatulas, Patrick's socks, buttons, or platforms, and must be destroyed to get the collectible or reveal a button/platform. They can also appear in groups and spawn many robots, and need to be destroyed together in order to proceed.


The Duplicatotron 3000 is Plankton's original invention sitting in the Chum Bucket Lab. It creates all of the robots and has a switch asking whether to obey Plankton (or Robo-Plankton) or not. The player cannot destroy the Duplicatotron 3000. At the end of the game, it spits out endless Robo-Planktons that argue with each other.


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