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"It's Squidward, silly!"

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Dressed for Distress is a comic in Comic Crazy! In this comic, SpongeBob and Gary go out on the town in some embarrassing sweaters that SpongeBob has made.


SpongeBob runs over to Gary and shows him an embarrassing sweater that he has made for himself, reading "I Love Snails." SpongeBob soon shows Gary a matching sweater for him, reading "I Love SpongeBob." When they embarrassingly go out on the town, people snicker and make fun of them. SpongeBob thinks the sarcastic taunting is just compliments.

He soon finds Gary wearing multiple items hiding the sweater, finally making SpongeBob call him "difficult." A big and scary fish comes up to them, yelling "Hey! You two!." Apparently, he has a matching sweater reading "I Love SpongeBob & Snails." Later, the same people who taunted SpongeBob and Gary are now nice, being scared of the big fish.


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