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Video game

Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition is a SpongeBob SquarePants video game for the Nintendo DS. It is a spin-off of the game Drawn to Life, and is based on the episode "Frankendoodle."

After Patrick accidentally brings DoodleBob back to life, SpongeBob draws a hero called DoodlePants to fight the army of evil doodles that DoodleBob created.


The game begins with the clumsy artist out at sea on a small boat drawing when he drops two pencils into the ocean. One of the pencils lands on Patrick's head (while he was practicing his counting) and the other pencil lands a far distance behind him. Patrick recalls that the pencil can bring drawings to life, however, there is one thing he is not allowed to draw. He sketches the forbidden drawing on the ground trying to remember it. The drawing turns out to be DoodleBob (from a SpongeBob episode, "Frankendoodle," in season 2) who springs back to life, steals Patrick's pencil, and runs off to downtown Bikini Bottom.

Patrick is really worried about what he has done but is then visited by SpongeBob. When Patrick tells SpongeBob of DoodleBob's return, he too becomes worried. When SpongeBob tries to find a solution, he finds the second pencil, which he and Patrick can use to draw a hero to fend off DoodleBob's evil. This is where the player is able to draw their hero. SpongeBob and Patrick name the hero DoodlePants but shortly after his creation, SpongeBob is captured by DoodleBob's Doodle Dude Army.

After SpongeBob's rescue, the trio is informed by Squidward that Bikini Bottom is in complete turmoil ever since DoodleBob's return. DoodlePants then must try to bring all of the Bikini Bottom residents back. After four levels, DoodlePants, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward come to the presence of a giant Doodle Tower which is creating Doodle Dudes. DoodlePants then climbs to the top of the building and fights a giant Doodle Robot, named Doodled. When the Robot is defeated, the group then catches up with DoodleBob, who runs into the forest with a rocket and a submarine. The group reaches a drawn pyramid which is where DoodleBob is hiding. DoodlePants goes in to fight DoodleBob but before he's fully defeated, he escapes the pyramid and disappears. The group suspects that either DoodleBob used the submarine to go to the deeper part of the ocean or the rocket to the moon. They go to the deep Pacific which consists of Rock Bottom and The Flying Dutchman's Graveyard. When they reach the Dutchman's Ship, The Flying Dutchman tells them that they are responsible for Doodle Dudes taking over his ship. He is informed of this by Doodle Patrick, Patrick's much more intelligent drawn counterpart. DoodlePants, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward deny this but when Patrick slips out that he brought DoodleBob back to life, the Flying Dutchman puts the group in charge of getting rid of the Doodle Dudes from his ship. After this, DoodlePants must defeat Doodle Patrick after escaping ghosts in the ship. When Doodle Patrick is defeated, the Dutchman will figure out that it was he who ruined his ship. DoodleBob is not there, so the player must draw a rocket to go to space. After you beat that level and go to space and beat more levels, you'll find a replica of Bikini Bottom, aptly named 'Bikini Doodle'. DoodleBob temporarily resides here, but he slips away from Bikini Doodle after the fight that ensued there. DoodleBob escapes to a nearby asteroid and grows huge, coating himself in Doodle Goo. After you defeat DoodleBob once and for all, Squidward expresses his desire to erase DoodleBob for good, but SpongeBob figures that DoodleBob just wanted friends, and the player has to draw a smiling face on DoodleBob. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward return home to Bikini Bottom, and DoodleBob, who is now good and has made friends with everyone, stay on the moon with DoodlePants. The credits roll, and then Notebook World, a bonus world, is unlocked. After a long bout of puzzles, the last boss to beat in the bonus world turns out to be the Squid Doodle that Patrick had drawn in the episode, "Frankendoodle."

List of Characters

Playable Characters

  • DoodlePants


  • SpongeBob - When summoned, he creates a shield around DoodlePants to protect them from enemies
  • Patrick - When summoned, he lets DoodlePants throw him like a ninja star, stunning any enemy that he hits
  • Squidward - When summoned, he plays some sour notes on his clarinet that stun all enemies in range



  • Bikini Bottom: Doodled
  • Jungle: DoodleBob
  • Deep Sea: Doodle Patrick
  • Space: DoodleBob
  • Notebook World: Squid Doodle


Templates For DoodlePants


Each of these power-ups last for 30 seconds when collected, but can be stacked on top of one another (i.e. if you have a power-up active and you collect another of the same power-up, it adds an extra 30 seconds to the timer). If you collect a power-up that's different than the one you currently have active, it gets stored in an inventory screen which can hold one extra power-up at a time.

  • Karate Glove: Makes melee attacks do double damage and lets you attack in midair
  • Helmet: Protects you from falling hazards and lets you break crates by bashing into them from below
  • Hopping Boots: Lets you jump higher than normal and deal double damage to enemies when you jump on them
  • Feather Hat: Lets you glide through the air, slowly floating downward
  • Jellyfish Net: Lets you destroy enemy projectiles with melee attacks and attack in midair
  • Ninja Shoes: Lets you run faster and wall jump
  • Bubble Blower: Replaces your melee attack with a ranged bubble attack that can hit enemies from much further away
  • Spike Shoes: Lets you walk on spikes without getting hurt and walk on slippery surfaces without sliding around

Similarities with Drawn to Life

  • Enemies on the original and SpongeBob Edition rise from goo (Shadow Goo for Drawn to Life and Doodle Goo for SpongeBob SquarePants version).
  • Most of the characters are captured by the antagonist, Wilfre or DoodleBob, depending on which version they are playing.
  • Players can draw their own creations.
  • Both the games use a combination of doodle or shadow and organic enemies.
  • Both games have a shop in them, Isaac running the shop on Drawn to Life and Mr. Krabs running the shop on the SpongeBob Edition.

Differences from Drawn to Life

  • After beating a doodle enemy in the SpongeBob Edition (excluding bosses), the player can redraw them as friendly creatures; in the original version, shadow enemies can't be redrawn.
  • The characters in the SpongeBob Edition are 3D models (excluding DoodleBob and his doodle minions), while in the original Drawn to Life, the characters are 2D sprites.
  • The main characters have their own houses in this game.
  • There are customizable temporary power-ups (such as the Karate Glove and Helmet), as well as suits that combine several power-ups and last for the entire level.
  • You cannot give your hero a name; characters will always refer to your hero as "DoodlePants."
  • Altron developed Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants, while 5th Cell developed the original Drawn to Life.

Alternate covers



Drawn to Life SpongeBob SquarePants Edition - Full Game



  • This game has backwards compatibility.
    • This game can be played on all DSI/3DS/2DS units.
  • This is the first game to have the new SpongeBob SquarePants logo on the box art.
    • However, the game uses the old logo outside of North America.
  • This video game was one of the prizes for round one on Nickelodeon's game show, BrainSurge.
  • Squid Doodle makes his second appearance, being the bonus boss after beating the game.
  • The maximum amount of coins the player can hold up to is 9,999,999.
  • During the course of the game, the player will be asked to draw a moon for Bikini Bottom. The moon is also the fourth world for gameplay, making it the only drawn object in the game that serves as a world for gameplay.
    • However, regardless of how the player draws the moon, the world of the moon will always have the same design: a realistic-appearing moon design.
  • The music that was used in the trailer for the game was previously used for the Jimmy Neutron event Genius, Sheenius or Inbetweenius back in 2007.[1]


The U.S. cover with a sticker claiming "New game for 2009."

  • In the Deep Sea level, Squidward says he's Squidward J. Tentacles instead of Squidward Q. Tentacles.
  • Throughout the game, Squidward clams that DoodleBob stole Squidward's clarinet, but when the player uses Squidward's power up, Squidward is seen with his clarinet.
  • On some copies of the US version, there's a sticker that says "New game for 2009." But this game came out in 2008. This also happened with some copies of SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom.
  • On several copies of the game, in all regions, the game will fade in black and freeze on a black screen if the player selects to go to a world after completing all of the levels except for the final boss, making it impossible to finish the game.
    • However, this could actually be an anti-piracy measurement.

Episode references

This game makes many references to the show.