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Dr. Gill's receptionist is a character who appears in the books Behold, No Cavities! and Happiness to Go! She is, as implied, the receptionist of Dr. Gill.


She is a light pink fish with a dark pink dorsal fin. She wears a light blue shirt, light blue skirt, and a white undershirt.

Role in book

When SpongeBob and Patrick enter Dr. Gill's office, his receptionist greets SpongeBob, asking how he is doing. Patrick says that he thought everyone at the office knew him. SpongeBob says that she must be new.

When it is Patrick's turn to get his teeth cleaned, Dr. Gill tells his receptionist to cancel his appointments for the rest of the day.

The next day, Patrick tells SpongeBob that Dr. Gill's receptionist called him and told him that he does not have any cavities.

SpongeBob then gets a call from Dr. Gill's office. She tells him to come in at 2:00 PM that afternoon to fix some cavities that they found. SpongeBob says that he will come in.

When SpongeBob comes in for his follow-up, Dr. Gill notices that it is Patrick's x-ray, not SpongeBob's. He then says that his new receptionist must have mixed up the x-rays.

She then appears at the end of the book. SpongeBob and Patrick watch her put a paper tooth on the No Cavi-Tree.


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