Dr. Charley Horse is a doctor who appears in the episode "My Leg!"


He is a light turquoise colored octopus with a light olive green beak. He has a light gray beard and wears a dark purple turban with a pink scallop shell on it. He wears a white long-sleeved shirt and a magenta colored belt, and has a gold necklace with a light blue crystal attached to it.

Role in episode

Fred goes to see him for a therapy session, and he quickly deduces that the only way Fred can relax is by walking on hot coals while saying the ancient mantra "My feet are cold." After SpongeBob helps Fred cross the hot coals, he flies around the room, causing Dr. Charley Horse to accidentally step on the coals.

He repeats the ancient mantra while the coals gradually shrink him, until he reaches the end of the coals and transcends into another plane of existence, amazing Fred.


  • He is named after the term "charley horse," meaning painful involuntary spasms in the leg muscles.
  • He is one of the few cephalopod characters to have a beak like a real cephalopod.
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