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Dr. Actor[1] is a minor character who first appears in the episode "The Lost Mattress."


Dr. Actor is a slim, lavender fish. He is seen wearing a white doctor uniform with a green tie and a light yellow undershirt. He has large light purple lips and a lavender fin on his back.


He once auditioned for a play, but unfortunately, did not get the call-back. He then became a full-time doctor.

"The Lost Mattress"

He treats Mr. Krabs' cash coma at the Bikini Bottom Hospital.

"Funny Pants"

He is Squidward's doctor in this episode, having replaced his laugh box with SpongeBob's, making Squidward's laugh sound just like his.

"All That Glitters"

He is Spat's "doctor." This is the episode in which he reveals that he is an actor researching for the part. He later says that he does not get it.


He makes a cameo sitting in the audience at Sandy's treedome, watching Sandy present her cloning machine.

"Teacher's Pests"

He makes a cameo in the hospital when Mr. Krabs and Plankton are sent there due to the boating accident.


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