Downtown Bikini Bottom: once a bustling metropolis, now, a debris-covered crater.
      —French narrator[1]

Downtown Bikini Bottom is the second level in the console versions of Battle for Bikini Bottom and all versions of Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated. This level requires five Golden Spatulas to enter.

Mrs. Puff tells SpongeBob they have to evacuate Downtown Bikini Bottom to save everyone from the robots. SpongeBob suggests loading them up in boats, but the robots have taken all of the steering wheels. SpongeBob must call on Sandy to help since some of the steering wheels are high up in the rooftops and she's the only one who can traverse those distances.


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"I can turn into a skyscraper!"
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There are eight Golden Spatulas to earn in Downtown Bikini Bottom. Nine of Patrick's socks are hidden here.

End of the Road

Mrs. Puff will reward SpongeBob with a golden spatula once he has collected all the steering wheels.

Learn Sandy's Moves

There is a swing-rope challenge in which if Sandy flies all the way up to a destined rooftop, there will be a golden spatula waiting for her.

Tikis Go Boom

A group of thunder tikis are siting on top of some other tikis which themselves are sitting on top of red buttons which must be pushed. Once the tikis are destroyed, the buttons below will be revealed, and once SpongeBob presses all of them with his Bubble Jump move, a golden spatula will be waiting on top of the statue in the middle of the road for him.

Across the Rooftops

Once Sandy lassoes her way to the top of the building next to which Gary is standing, she will receive a golden spatula that is placed on the brown platform next to the window that leads to the second level.

Swingin' Sandy

There is yet another swing-rope challenge in this level where Sandy must lasso her way to the top of a building to get a golden spatula up there.

Ambush in the Lighthouse

After SpongeBob defeats the army of robots and machines and turns off the electrical obstacles in the lighthouse, he will be rewarded with a golden spatula.

Extreme Bungee

In the Sea Needle, SpongeBob hang his pants from each hook per window and destroy all of the tikis present. After this, Mr. Krabs will reward him with a golden spatula.

Come Back With the Cruise Bubble

After SpongeBob has obtained the Cruise Bubble attack following the Robo-Patrick battle, the player can come back to the Sea Needle and use the Cruise Bubble to aim for a button that was out of distance before. After hitting it, the player must jump onto the assisting platforms and reach for the golden spatula at the very end.



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