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The Dorudon is a prehistoric whale who appears in the episode "Ugh."


It is a light purple and light blue whale. It has large light blue stegosaurus-like scales on its back and very short fins. The Dorudon also has two small eyes with thick eyebrows.

A few razor-sharp light yellow teeth can be seen jutting out of the lower jaw of its wide mouth.

The top of his head consists of a blowhole and at least three hair-like growths. Its skin is detailed with scales.

Role in episode

It makes a noise that sounds similar to SpongeBob's foghorn alarm clock and awakens SpongeGar.


  • The Dorudon appears to be the early ancestor of a whale.

Multiple Dorudon

  • The Dorudon's purpose is similar to an alarm clock: to awaken people.


SpongeBob, Patrick, Camera, and Cheese Fizz
"Patrick! You're spraying the camera with Cheese Fizz!"

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