Not to be confused with TV shark.

Donnie is a shark who is a member of "The Sharks." He appears in the episode "Sharks vs. Pods."


He is light blue and light gray. He wears a lime green shirt with green pants, and a black coat. He is the only shark to have a wig, while everyone else's hair is real.


Donnie and the other Sharks pull up to the Krusty Krab and Donnie notices SpongeBob dancing inside. When SpongeBob exits the Krusty Krab, Sharkface gets SpongeBob to join the Sharks. When Donnie is introduced, he blowdries his hair, only for it to fall off and for him to replace it with another wig. When SpongeBob starts to have concerns about the Sharks, they egg him on and question why he does not trust them. When SpongeBob meets the Sharks at the playground, it is known that the Sharks are not actually fighters and Donnie tells SpongeBob that the guy that gives them fruits is "just a health nut." After finding out that this was a dance showdown, not a fighting showdown, SpongeBob is much calmer and determined to win the showdown with the Sharks. In the end; the Sharks, the Pods, and the police all win and jump in the air.


  • Donnie is the shortest of The Sharks and gets picked on by the other three sharks in the gang.
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