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Nobody ever listens to me!
— Dolphin warrior

The dolphin warrior is the last of a race of highly likely dolphins that ruled over the ocean before the Bikini Bottomites. He appears in the episode "Sponge-Cano!"


He is a light gray dolphin who wears a dark green loincloth with a light green leaf design, a dark red crown, and a light blue necklace. He also uses a staff that is a bamboo stick with a coral attached to the end of it.


He is most likely a messenger to warn Bikini Bottomites about volcanic eruptions and how to avoid them. His race was all killed except for him because of a volcano that also plagued modern day Bikini Bottom in the episode "Sponge-Cano!" and survived because he sacrificed the most miserable man's house.

Role in episode

He appears when everybody gets to the shelter. He is trying to tell the Bikini Bottomites to sacrifice Squidward's house but he gets interrupted before he is able to finish saying "house." Later, when Squidward's house is lodged into the volcano, he continues what he was going to say, and he later flies off on his broom and is never seen again.

Dolphin in Jellyfish Jam


  • As opposed to his species, he is never seen resurfacing to breathe.
  • He is the first animated dolphin to appear in an episode, as others were real like in "Jellyfish Jam."
  • In an early concept art for the episode, the warrior was originally going to be an average fish instead of a dolphin.
  • Just like Bubbles the Space Dolphin from The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, the fact that the dolphin warrior explains that "he is a survivor of a volcano attack on an ancient race that ruled over the sea before the beginning of time" is similar to the history of how Bubbles controls the cosmos in the movie.
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