The Discount Grocery Mart is a supermarket that appears in the episode "Penny Foolish" and the game Boat-O-Cross 3.



It has a large sign that reads the store's name in red text. There are yellow, blue, pink, and green balloons on the sides of the sign. There are also two windows slightly above ground, a small glass door to enter, and both the windows and doors are separated by brown spaces made of wood.

It has a similar resemblance to a basket found in the store. The interior is designed like a regular grocery store.

Role in series

"Penny Foolish"

Mr. Krabs brings coupons to the supermarket, but he later learns that the coupons had expired over 30 years ago. On his way out, he sees SpongeBob pick up a penny, causing him to hold up the line of customers.

Associated characters

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