Dirty Bubble's house is the home of the Dirty Bubble. It is also a minor location in Missing Man!



It is a house built entirely by purple bubbles. The bubbles become smaller as they reach the top of the tower. The windows are designed to look like blue, opaque spots. There is a door leading into what seems as a black entry way. Lastly, there is a sidewalk that leads to the door.

Role in the comic

It appears as the last stop when SpongeBob, Patrick, and Barnacle Boy think that Mermaid Man has been kidnapped. Inside, the Dirty Bubble has just finished baking a cake and needs to pull it out carefully. As he is doing this, the door slams open, which scares the Dirty Bubble and causes the cake to deflate. SpongeBob accuses the Dirty Bubble of kidnapping Mermaid Man. Barnacle Boy says that he does not smell Mermaid Man, which is how he knows that he is not there. The three leave. Patrick takes some of the Dirty Bubble's cake.

Associated Characters

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