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Oh, good grief! Not that kind of sand witch! The Desert Sandwich has tomatoes and bread and—and—mayo.
— Squidward, "Scavenger Pants"

The desert sandwich is a sentient sandwich created by the sand witch in the episode "Scavenger Pants."


At first it looks like an ordinary sandwich with several ingredients inside. However, when it becomes sentient it has teeth on the bread and all the ingredients besides the lettuce are gone (with the lettuce mimicking a tongue). It also acts similarly to a vicious dog.

Role in episode

It is first mentioned by Squidward, when he tells SpongeBob and Patrick that it is the first item that they need to find in their scavenger hunt. SpongeBob and Patrick try looking around his house, but Squidward quickly tells him that the desert sandwich is only in the Bikini Badlands.

Later, SpongeBob and Patrick bring back an actual sand witch. Squidward tells them that they got the wrong type of sandwich, before the sand witch explains that she worked at an evil deli, with her then making the actual desert sandwich. Squidward exclaims that the sandwich looks pretty good and attempts to take a bite out of it, but the sandwich becomes sentient and starts attacking and biting Squidward instead while the sand witch evilly laughs. Squidward then later chains the desert sandwich to the back the inside his refrigerator, with him then proceeding to lock said refrigerator with several more chains.


Animatic Desert Sandwich.png
  • In the animatic version of the episode, the live action shot of the desert sandwich used a different picture of a sandwich instead of the one seen in the final episode.
    • The desert sandwich's lettuce tongue originally looked more like an actual tongue in the animatic then the final episode.