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The Demolition Derby is a location that appears in the episode "Demolition Doofus," the book Demolition Derby, and the game SpongeBob Game Station. It is owned by Captain Lutefisk.



The outside of the Demolition Derby is rather large. It mainly looks like a giant, metallic tire turned on its side. It also has a giant tire near the front door that has "Demolition" written on it, it has a decoration about multicolored flags. The sign for it is pretty tall and has a dilapidated boat on it, which has the words "Demolition Derby" written, TV's, flags, and a tire are also seen.


The Demolition Derby has features inside of it, which include:


The hallway which leads to Captain Lutefisk's office.

The hallway is accessed by first entering through the front door. It is also where Captain Lutefisk's office is located. Competitors can visit there to get registered for the Demolition Derby.


The stadium is pretty large. It has many chairs for the audience to watch the action. This is also where the competitors do battle in. Captain Lutefisk himself will also announce everyone that is competing in the Demolition Derby.


Here is a list of all of the competitors that competed at the Demolition Derby:

  • Finback fish: S.U.B. driver.
  • Lockjaw Jones: Bikini Bottom Hospital gurney driver.
  • Le Squish: A small, yellow sponge (SpongeBob) who drives a simple boatmobile. He wins the Demolition Derby.
  • The Kruncher: A large, purple fish that drives a shark-like boat. He was defeated by Le Squish.
  • Blowtorch: A large, green octopus that drives a blue boat. He was defeated by Le Squish.
  • Divin' Bell Dale: A submarine diver that drives a small, submarine boat. He was defeated by Le Squish.
  • The Cackling Cruiser: A clown that drives a brown boat. He was defeated by Le Squish.
  • Incidental 155: He is unknowingly in the Demolition Derby. He is also the last guy to get crashed before The Huff comes in.
  • The Huff: A female, deflated pufferfish (Mrs. Puff) that drives a really large boat. She attempts to destroy Le Squish but ends up crashing herself.