The Demento Bot (also called Demento Boss) is a mini-boss that appears in all versions of the video game SpongeBob's Truth or Square.


In the console and PSP versions, it is a robot with a light blue head, a brown body, and a blue drill it uses for movement. It has a red eye, an eyebrow, a set of teeth, and two antennae. It has a large white and red target on the top of its head, which serves as its weak point, and is usually covered by metal plates. The brown segment of the robot has three holes that its propellers emerge from, three panels that hide cannons, and red lights surrounding the drill.

In the DS version, the Demento Bot now has a light purple head, a dark purple body, and a gray drill. It also has a small green crosshair in front on its eye.

Role in games

In the console and PSP versions, the Demento Bot appears at the end of the level "Kara-Tay With Sandy" as the last test Sandy gives to SpongeBob. SpongeBob then has to defeat the robot, and defeating it rewards SpongeBob with the Karate glove Happiness object.

The PSP version gives the Demento Bot a bigger role, as it reappears in the level "Ambush at the Krusty Krab," where it is the last of three boss fights in the level. Defeating it rewards SpongeBob with the Cashie happiness object.

In the DS version, the Demento Bot has swapped places with the Tenderizer Bot, and now appears at the end of the level "Meeting Santa" as the obstacle preventing SpongeBob from meeting Santa. SpongeBob then has to defeat the robot, and defeating it rewards SpongeBob with the toy clarinet happiness object.


Console version

The Demento Bot starts the fight by spinning its propellers rapidly and charging forward, trying to hurt SpongeBob whilst also creating a damaging whirlwind that prevent SpongeBob from jumping over it.

The third time it spins, it move to the center of the room and spins as it shoots volleys of green cannonballs. Its target will also be revealed, and must be slammed to damage the robot. The player can also wait until the robot gets dizzy from spinning, as it will provide a safe chance to damage the robot.

Damaging the Demento Bot makes it flip onto its head, causing it to shoot dozens of red cannonballs around the room. These cannonballs can be reflected, but will not damage the robot. After this, the robot will flip back onto its drill, and repeat the process.

The player must hit the Demento Bot's target six times in order to defeat it.

PSP version

The boss fight is similar to the fight in the console versions, and starts with the Demento Bot relentlessly following SpongeBob, spinning towards him and trying to damage him. SpongeBob needs to slam the target on its head, causing it to flip and shoot many cannonballs (though not as many as the console fight), before flipping itself back onto its drill and repeating the process.

This time, the Demento Bot only needs to be hit five times in order to defeat it.

DS version

Like the PSP version, the fight starts with the Demento Bot following SpongeBob, where it will uncover its target and start spinning. SpongeBob needs to slam the target on its head, causing it to hide and shoot red reflectable cannonballs before repeating the process. Each hit caused the robot to fire the cannonballs at a faster rate.

Like the PSP version, the Demento Bot must be hit five times to defeat it.


  • While it is mostly referred as "it," one of Johnny Elaine's hints in the console version of the fight calls the Demento Bot a male.
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