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Encyclopedia SpongeBobia
Online game

Decorating Dilemma is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game. It is based on "Krusty Towers."

It was released in 2009 to celebrate SpongeBob's 10th anniversary.


SpongeBob SquarePants is decorating his house with wallpaper. Help SpongeBob find the correct wallpaper to match up with the pattern. There are 5 rows of wallpaper that rolls down on the screen in a matter of seconds. On the left side of the screen is pattern displaying 5 rows of wallpaper. There is a wallpaper timer bar on the bottom left of the screen. This bar is meant to represent the remaining time the player has until more wallpaper rolls down. The timer bar goes down in a few seconds and when the bar is empty, it rests as more wallpaper rolls down. The player is given 20 lives when they start the game. Next to the player's lives are the amount of wallpaper turns before the next level. Their job is to make sure the wallpaper on the screen matches exactly with the small pattern displayed on the left end of the screen. Click on 1 of the wallpaper rows that matches with that row on the pattern to glue it down. If the player glue down wallpaper that does not match with the row(s) on the pattern, they will lose some of their live(s) and cannot unglue the wallpaper. The player only has a few seconds to glue a row of wallpaper down before more wallpaper rolls down. If a row of wallpaper is already glued down, no more wallpaper will roll down on that row. If the current level ends and not all the all wallpaper is matched with the pattern, the player will lose a certain amount lives depending on how much wallpaper is not glued. If the player glues all 5 rows of wallpaper that match the pattern, they will achieve a perfect match, along with bonus points to their score, and the game will send to the next level. The pattern changes when the level is over. The game ends when all lives have been lost.



  • SpongeBob's arm can be seen holding the loading, levels and game over signs.
  • Squidward's painting on the title screen is never used in the main gameplay.


  • On the title screen, SpongeBob's eyelashes are still visible when he blinks his eyes.