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The dark green fish is an unnamed background character and a citizen of Bikini Bottom. He appears in the episodes "Valentine's Day," "Something Smells," "Prehibernation Week," and "Feral Friends." He also appears in the book Tales from Bikini Bottom.


He is a tall, dark green fish with a light green section below his mouth. He has pink lips, light green fins, and a wavy dorsal fin. His eyes are round and white with bags below them. He wears a lavender T-shirt and darker purple shorts.

He owns a boatmobile with dark green stripes on the sides, matching his own color. In "Valentine's Day," he seems to be the father of the green beanie hat kid. In "Feral Friends," he is shown to be the husband of Mable-Monica and the father of both Susie Rechid and Billy.


"Valentine's Day"

He is a visitor of the Valentine's Day Carnival. He can be seen walking while holding hands with the green beanie hat kid.

"Something Smells"


"My eyes! My eyes!"

He is driving his boatmobile when SpongeBob jumps onto the windshield and desperately asks if he is ugly. The stench from his mouth stings the fish's eyes, causing him to yell "My eyes! My eyes!" while he swerves and spins around. His boat explodes with him inside, leaving just the charred frame and wheels. A police officer gives the boat a ticket anyway.

"Prehibernation Week"

He is seen in the crowd when Debbie says, "Think about the children!" He is behind Harold Bill Reginald Scott. Unlike his other appearances, he is missing the light green section on his front and appears to be completely dark green.

"Feral Friends"

He visits Jellyfish Fields to have a picnic with his wife and children. He is playing catch with a beach ball when Neptune's moon appears, turning him and his family into feral fish. In his feral form, he ravenously fights with his family for the ball.

Tales from Bikini Bottom

He very briefly appears in the "Prehibernation Week" segment of the book.


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