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Dancin' Tentacles is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game. It is based on "Culture Shock."

It was released in 2009 to celebrate SpongeBob's 10th anniversary.


Squidward Tentacles is performing his dancing act at the Krusty Krab talent show, but the crowd hates it and are throwing their Krusty Krab food items at him on stage. SpongeBob wants to save Squidward from the humiliation. Stop food items from hitting him while he dances on stage. Use the left or right arrows keys to move from side to side. Press the up arrow key to jump and catch food. While the crowd is throwing food at Squidward's dancing act, there is a person at the right side of the stage with a cane who is trying to reach Squidward so he can pull him off-stage. SpongeBob can catch the food items being thrown and use it to make a Krabby Patty. A Krabby Patty can be thrown at the crowd to calm them down and make the person with the cane will pull his cane back farther from Squidward. Press the spacebar to throw a Krabby Patty. At the bottom off the screen, it shows on left side of the screen a Patty Maker displaying the food items needed to make a full Krabby Patty and on the right side of the screen, it shows a Patty vault which holds on your finished Krabby Patties. The Patty Vault can hold up to a maximum of 3 finished Krabby Patties. If SpongeBob lets food items hit Squidward or the stage curtain, the person with the cane moves his cane closer to reaching Squidward. Occasionally, Mr. Krabs will hold up some special sauce on the right side of the screen. SpongeBob can grab this special sauce to help give him a boost. The game ends when the person with the cane gets holds of Squidward and pulls him off the stage.





  • On the title screen, when the stage light goes on Squidward, the crowd boos. When the stage light goes on SpongeBob, the crowd cheers.
  • The food items being thrown at Squidward are:
    • Top and bottom buns
    • Tomatoes
    • Pickles (Food)
    • Lettuce
    • Patty Meat
  • Plankton can be seen as the announcer for when another scene happens.
  • One of Mr. Krabs' arms can be seen when holds up the special sauce.
  • SpongeBob's pants become inflatable when he jumps down.
  • The instructions screen is presented on a Playbill.