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Crime and Funishment (also known as Bikini Bottom's Most Wanted) is a SpongeBob SquarePants Cine-Manga book that contains four episodes that were transcribed into manga form. It was published by Tokyopop on April 13, 2004. There are 96 pages in total.



"A crime wave hits the underwater town of Bikini Bottom, and SpongeBob SquarePants is right in the middle of it! Whether he's "borrowing" balloons with his best friend Patrick, trying to cover up accidentally killing the health inspector at the Krusty Krab, getting his boat stolen by his boating instructor or fighting evil with the aging Mermaid Man, you can count on SpongeBob to be the center of all the action!"



The cover features mug shots of both SpongeBob and Patrick on a wooden surface with the name of the book.


  • For some reason, the title card for "No Free Rides" is not used for the cover of its book counterpart.
  • This book accidentally calls "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V" "Superfriends."

Differences between the episodes and the comics

"Life of Crime"

  • In the episode, Mr. Krabs reacts after Patrick mentions Sandy's hedge clippers and SpongeBob mentions Plankton's lawnmower. In the book, these reactions are not present.
  • In the episode, Patrick says, "But I don't work here." This line is not in the book.
  • In the episode, SpongeBob starts the "What do you want to do today?" thing. In the book, Patrick starts it.
  • "What do you want to do today?" is asked five times in the episode, but only four times in the book.
  • In the episode, Patrick says, "SpongeBob, I want a balloon really, really, badly. Really, really badly." In the book, he just says, "SpongeBob, I want a balloon really, really, badly."
  • In the episode, after Patrick says that he does not have any money, there is a scene where SpongeBob checks the "national bank of SpongeBob" for money and finds nothing. This scene is not in the book.
  • In the episode, SpongeBob says, "Yeah, like Mr. Krabs." and Patrick says, "It's just borrowing, right?" These lines are not in the book.
  • In the episode, when SpongeBob takes the balloon, he is whistling. In the book, he says, "Le de Dee..."
  • In the episode, the lines, "And the candy shop", "And my backyard", "And in a plane", "And over a rock", and "And with a whale" are said back and forth between SpongeBob and Patrick. In the book, they both say it as one line.
  • In the episode, SpongeBob and Patrick scream after the balloon pops. This is not in the book.
  • In the episode, SpongeBob and Patrick attempt to put the balloon back together. This is not in the book.
  • In the episode, after the two fail to put the balloon back together, SpongeBob says, "We popped the balloon!" This is not in the book.
  • In the episode, SpongeBob tells Patrick to act normal and the two start acting weird. Several fish gather around because they think that the two are street performers. The two then yell, "It's not working!" and run away. This entire scene is not in the book.
  • In the episode, Lou just says, "Hi there!" In the book, he says, "Hi there! Hey, you guys. Do you..."
  • In the book, when SpongeBob says, "Take a last look, Patrick. We can never go back," he says this when they are still covering their tracks, but in the episode, he says this during a different scene after the "cover the tracks" one.
  • In the episode, when SpongeBob lists off each of the things that they no longer have, Patrick reacts to each one. In the book, he only reacts to the Krabby Patty one.
  • In the episode, after SpongeBob lists off all the things they no longer have, Patrick says, "I want ice cream." This line is not in the book.
  • In the episode, after SpongeBob says, "And all that running is good for our bus and thighs, right?" a muscular man is shown and says, "Ya! Buns and thighs." In the book, the muscular man does not speak.
  • After SpongeBob says, "We can loosen our ties," Patrick removes a tie from his head. Patrick then says, "And we can fly!" SpongeBob then agrees and fails to fly. All of this is not in the book.
  • In the episode, SpongeBob says, "But we don't have to shave." In the book, he says, "And we don't have to shave."
  • In the episode, after SpongeBob pretends to be a tough guy, Patrick tries to. This attempt is not in the book.
  • In the episode, after SpongeBob says that they no longer have to return anything they borrow, the two yell, "Yay!" This is not in the book.
  • In the episode, the close up of the candy bars is shown when SpongeBob said that they were candy bars, but in the book, it is shown before.
  • In the episode, there is a close-up of Patrick's hand. In the book, there is not.
  • The book does not contain the part of the episode that is between Patrick saying, "Yours? You mean mine." and when SpongeBob says, "Did I, Patrick, did I? Or did your criminal mind hypnotize me to steal it?"
  • In the episode, when Patrick says, "I'll beat you there," he is still at the campfire, but in the book, he is running with SpongeBob.
  • In the book, SpongeBob and Patrick say, "We stole a balloon!" twice, but in the episode, they only say it once.

"No Free Rides"

  • The book features SpongeBob saying, "Isn't that great?" This line is not in the episode.
  • In the episode, shortly before SpongeBob sings that it will only take him one more year to get his license, he says, "Yeah!" This line is not in the book.
  • In the episode, SpongeBob says, "One more super spectacular, extra magical, extra fantastical year!" In the book, he says, "Extra magical, extra fantastical year!"
  • In the book, SpongeBob says, "One more extra educational, super rotational year!" This line is not in the episode.
  • In the book, SpongeBob gets to the letter, "N" before his pencil breaks, but in the episode, he only gets to "R."
  • In the episode, there is a part where SpongeBob checks his pencil while he sharpens it. In the book, he just sharpens it.
  • In the episode, SpongeBob writes, "N" and "E" before his pencil breaks and then Mrs. Puff replaces the pencil with a pen. In the book, Mrs. Puff replaces the pencil with the pen right after SpongeBob sharpened it.
  • In the episode, Mrs. Puff says, "What I learned in boating School is... What I learned in boating School is..." In the book, SpongeBob says it.
  • In the episode, SpongeBob says, "I can do this, I can do this!", starts panicking, and says, "Is it hot in here Mrs. Puff?! Why is it so hot in here?!" This part is not in the book.
  • In the episode, "Mrs. Puff says, Give it to me!" and SpongeBob replies with "No!" This part is not in the book.
  • In the book, the license is shown after SpongeBob says, "My license!" In the episode it is shown when Mrs. Puff says, "Besides here's your license."
  • SpongeBob turning over the bus from the episode is not shown in the book.
  • In the episode, Nat says, "Harris, Happy Birthday!" In the book, he says, "It's your birthday!"
  • When SpongeBob hits the fish at the party, the lines of what the fish say are different between the book and the episode.
  • In the episode, Johnny Elaine says, "Let's...not... use that take." In the book, he says, "Oof!"
  • In the episode, Mrs. Puff screams when she sees SpongeBob and his parents. In the book, this doesn't happen.
  • In the episode, Margaret says, "I think you've made your point, dear." and Harold gets embarrassed. He then says, "Mrs. Puff, we were starting to think SpongeBob was never going to get his license. But you never gave up on his. You never quit! You never took the easy way out!" and then Mrs. Puff replies with, "Well, I... uh.. Okay." The part where Harold gets embarrassed and the part where he praises Mrs. Puff are swapped in the book.
  • In the episode, Margaret is the one that says, "We wanted to make sure that Mrs. Puff, the greatest driving teacher in the world was here to see this." In the book, Harold says that line.
  • In the episode, Harold reads SpongeBob's license plate. In the book, he does not.
  • It is not clear who states the line, "A brand new boatmobile!" in the book. In the episode, SpongeBob and Mrs. Puff say it.
  • In the episode, SpongeBob says, "Oh, Boaty, you're cold. Take my socks." This line is not in the book.
  • In the book SpongeBob does not kiss the stick shift like he does in the book.
  • In the episode, Mrs. Puff says, "I hope I still know how to do this," proceeds to make a balloon animal, and then says, "Yeah." This is not in the book.
  • Most of the chase to get SpongeBob's boat back that is shown in the episode is not in the book. The book goes from the line, "Sorry SpongeBob, it was for your own good." to "Now for some tunes."
  • In the episode, Officer Rob says, "Hey, look." before Boaty is driven off the cliff. In the book, he says it after.
  • In the episode, SpongeBob says, "Free driving lessons!" while the exterior of the Bikini Bottom Jail is shown. In the book, he says it while he is shown.

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