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Video game

SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab (Japanese: スポンジボブ Suponjibobu [1]) is a SpongeBob SquarePants video game released for the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS. The game was a launch title for the Wii in North America. Similar to previous console games, a PC counterpart made by AWE Games exists as a tie-in to the main console release.

There also exists a mobile version of the game for Java J2ME phones.[1]

This game stars SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, and Sheldon J. Plankton as it takes place in the dreams of the characters.


Console versions

The game incorporates several different gameplay mechanics. In addition to basic 3D platforming, the game features driving and flying sequences, as well as a level where the player takes control of giant Plankton and rampage through the city. There are also several mini-games. The Wii version of the game makes extensive use of motion controls.

Game Boy Advance version

The Game Boy Advance version of the game is a 2D side scroller platformer with the occasional flying segments.

Nintendo DS version

The Nintendo DS version is a more simplified 2D platformer that relies heavily on the touch screen where characters are commanded to move by swiping them on the direction the player wants them to go while also interacting with the environment. The Nintendo DS version has unique 2D cutscenes.


Console (PlayStation 2, Wii, GameCube)

Diesel Dreaming (SpongeBob's Dream, Racing) - The very first level features SpongeBob. It starts with SpongeBob sleeping as he rolls over his bed and removes the blanket to reveal a hot rod. SpongeBob takes control and drives around the track for a test run. As SpongeBob praises his victory, he finds his driver's license in his pants. Plankton then rams SpongeBob, causing him to drop his license, which is carried away by the ocean currents.

With the help of Mrs. Puff, SpongeBob tracks down his license and challenges Patrick to a race. After winning (possibly), Plankton rams him again and destroys his hot rod. SpongeBob then searches for new hot rod parts and defeats a horde of thugs in his way. He then challenges Plankton and shows him who's the boss, only to be rammed again, this time, by speed-king Gary.

SpongeBob searches out for turbo drives to outfit his engine so that he can challenge Gary to a final race. SpongeBob is triumphant and is proud to be the speed-king. However, he failed to notice a pit ahead of him and accidentally drives into the pit.

Starfishman to the Rescue (Patrick's Dream) - The second level stars Patrick, who is a superhero in a comic book-like world where everyone resembles him. "Starfishman" goes in pursuit of the villainous "Dreaded Patrick." Along the way, he is repeatedly advised by a mysterious character who contacts him via phone booths. Halfway, he stops a train from ramming the mayor and finds his missing clothes.

Patrick eventually challenges Dreaded Patrick at his secret lair and defeats him in an elevator duel. However, Patrick failed to see a surprise attack coming from the minions. At the end of the level, Patrick is tied to a rocket by his foe and launched into space, where he hits an asteroid, a ring-shaped piece of which falls to Earth and traps Dreaded Patrick.

Supersized Patty (Plankton's Nightmare) - The third level that features Plankton. He grabs a crumb of a leftover Krabby Patty and zaps it with his Enlargatron Ray. The coordinates of the ray are however inaccurate and that causes the Krabby Patty to overgrow and mutate into a living patty, who then takes notice of Plankton. Plankton, however, decides to fight back with size but the inaccurate ray only makes him the height of an average citizen, not enough to dwarf the patty.

Plankton makes a run for it, carrying only his freeze ray. He is pursued by the patty through Bikini Bottom, the Industrial Park, the Jellyfish Power Plant, the Oyster Stadium, and finally through Downtown back to the Chum Bucket. Along the way, he finds a window of opportunity to collect inventory while the patty is sleeping. In the end, Plankton hides behind a coral formation and the patty passes by. However, he gloated about his victory and the patty notices his Antennas. The patty leaps and crushes Plankton.

Alaskan Belly Trouble (SpongeBob's Nightmare) - Continuing off when SpongeBob drove over the pit, he wakes up from sleeping on his bed-car. The car then flips over and SpongeBob falls off, entering a free fall through a long, narrow tunnel. He reaches the bottom of the tunnel and is eaten by an awaiting Alaskan Bull Worm. Although disgusted, SpongeBob finds the inside of the worm to be intriguing. He encounters Old Man Jenkins, who is building an airplane to escape the bowls of the worm. SpongeBob decides to help and explores the area to find a village under attack by parasites. He rescues the Chief, many of his followers, and his wife (an ironing board).

The Chief, however, finds that his wife is not "pretty-pretty" and gives it to SpongeBob so he can use it for the plane's wings. SpongeBob also rummages through a junk pile for spare parts. He then meets an inventor who is in a dilemma because his Jellyfish power cells were stolen by the same parasites. SpongeBob retrieves the cells (and witnesses the inventor's invention) and finds a propeller for the plane.

SpongeBob and Jenkins are ready to take off but their flight is delayed due to vibrations in the belly. SpongeBob heads to the rear to investigate and learns that a giant chili can is causing pain in the worm's belly. SpongeBob removes it and returns to Jenkins so they can take off. As they are flying through the worm's throat, the worm closes its mouth, and SpongeBob wonders if he can make it.

Rocket Rodeo (Patrick's Nightmare, Airborne) - Beginning from the horrible fate, Starfishman suffered after his final encounter with Dreaded Patrick, he is alive in space, still attached to the rocket. Patrick now must control the rocket while getting untied to the rocket. He flies through a black hole and finds a space station under bombardment by asteroids. After untying himself, Patrick mans the laser cannons and destroys the asteroids, obtaining lasers for his rocket.

Then Patrick advances to a level where he must destroy pillars and energy crystals to open doors out of a space ship containing aliens and astronaut Jellyfish. He then gets out but must now destroy a U.F.O. in the shape of a Krabby Patty. Things go right and Patrick returns to Earth but he doesn't know how to stop the ship and crashes into the sea.

Revenge of the Giant Plankton Monster (Giant Plankton's Dream) - Plankton is lucky to be alive. He awakes to find the giant patty sleeping beside him. As he tried to sneak away, Karen's wake-up alarm awakens the patty. Plankton sets the right coordinates for his Enlargatron Ray and makes himself monster-sized. The patty runs away, with Plankton in hot pursuit. As Plankton chases the patty, he destroys Bikini Bottom in his wake. At one point, Plankton had to find a ticket to get in the drive-in movie theater.

Plankton also removed restaurant signs, re-sculpted Mount Fishmore with his eye laser, and overloads the power grid so he can get past the barriers. He finds the patty hiding in skyscrapers and destroys each floor to force the patty out. Meanwhile, at the end of the level, the Alaskan Bull Worm watches the carnage unfold until SpongeBob and Jenkins force their way through the worm's teeth. SpongeBob finds Plankton giant and the patty that was captured escapes his clutches and clings onto SpongeBob's plane. Enraged, Plankton pursues SpongeBob.

It Came from Bikini Bottom (SpongeBob's Dream, Airborne) - SpongeBob tries to avoid Plankton while coming up with a way to defeat him. He flies through the city and hides in the sewers to confuse Plankton. Plankton gets furious and chases SpongeBob in hot pursuit. SpongeBob then engages Plankton in a construction site and shoots down targets to drop heavy loads on Plankton's head. SpongeBob then goes on to mining caves. Plankton is starting to get mad. Plankton continues to pursue SpongeBob.

After a long pursuit through the city, SpongeBob engages Plankton again on a radio tower. SpongeBob destroys the support bolts to make the tower unstable, causing Plankton to fall on his rear. As Plankton aches in pain, SpongeBob feels sorry for him and decides to give him a hand. That was a trap and Plankton captures SpongeBob.

Rooftop Rumble (Patrick's Dream) - This level is the second-to-last level. Starfishman arrives from his last story and falls on the rooftops to find Mermaid Man. They team up and now he needs to battle Giant Plankton to help SpongeBob. In the first round, he must avoid his subjects and the cars that Plankton throws at him. Then, he must avoid Plankton's atomic eye by throwing rocks at him, opening up TV dishes, and hiding behind them. After that, he must get recruits from the military by finding a way to turn army searchlights.

Next, he needs to find a way to squish Plankton's hands by attacking his subjects, making Plankton shoot lasers at him to reveal buttons, and pushing all the buttons to stop both of his grips on the building. Finally, he needs to catch up with a shrink ray to shrink Plankton. When he shrinks Plankton, they enter a dream bubble and meet a doctor with a Krabby Patty for a head.

Hypnotic Highway (All Nightmare, Racing, Airborne (Patrick only)) - The doctor explains that the reason why they're having the dreams is that they all ate a Krabby Patty before they fell asleep, saying that the particular chemical composition of the patties affected their biorhythms and caused a reaction that resulted in the dreams, this is what caused it. SpongeBob then asks why he knows so much about Krabby Patties, and the patty responds, "Is it not obvious?!?!" and strips his outfit off to reveal that he is that Krabby Patty. He then runs away and turns into a trophy.

SpongeBob, Patrick, and Plankton chase after him and head into the final level, here they all race in a strange dream to get out of their dream and catch the patty, in which they argue about whose dream it is. If all the sleepy seeds for a person have been collected, the player can access that person at this level.

SpongeBob is the only playable character that can be played if you do not have all of the seeds for either Plankton or Patrick.


  • SpongeBob: SpongeBob celebrates his victory and overlooks his dream bubble to find out that it was a dream. He pops out and brings the Krabby Patty to the Krusty Krab, chopping the patty into average-sized patties for the customers. One customer complains about relish in his patty and SpongeBob decides to remake it but then notices that he, along with the customers have Gary's shell on their backs. SpongeBob then says "Meow," suggesting that he is turning into a snail.
  • Patrick: Patrick celebrates with a party at the Krusty Krab, bringing the trophy with him. He goes to eat the patty but it jumps out of his hand and he chases it. It runs through the front doors and the doors close on Patrick, knocking him out. He then falls onto the floor and images of Gary circle around above him.
  • Plankton: Plankton celebrates by building a Krabby Patty utopia and mocks the Krusty Krab. But then the patty appears and says "What the patty gets, the patty can taketh away!" A rain of giant Krabby Patties destroys Plankton's utopia except for the Krusty Krab, and a giant patty with Gary's eyestalks destroys the Chum Bucket. Plankton responds "Curses!"


Regardless of the ending, SpongeBob wakes up from the dream, Patrick wakes up from SpongeBob's dream, and Plankton wakes up from Patrick's dream. The entire dream was neither SpongeBob's, Patrick's, nor Plankton's, but rather, Gary's dream.

After the credits, Gary wakes up to find SpongeBob pretending to drive to work, a reference to Diesel Dreaming. Gary takes a walk around town. He sees Patrick riding a mechanical horse in a way that a blanket on a clothesline in the background makes him look like a superhero, reminding him of the Rocket Rodeo level. Gary passes by the Chum Bucket to find Plankton searching for the Krabby Patty crumb. The way he storms the table filled with boxes reminds Gary of the Revenge of the Giant Plankton Monster level.

When Gary comes home SpongeBob brings home a Krabby Patty and says that Gary shouldn't eat it before bed or it might give him nightmares, teasing him with it. He then walks into the kitchen and Gary sees him eating the Krabby Patty. Gary sees it moves its mouth, then the Alaskan Bull Worm rushes through and eats SpongeBob, causing him to drop the patty, and Gary goes to sleep.


There are five normal items you could find in this game, these include:

  • Snooze Zs: Currency in this game, take this to the shop and you can unlock pictures in the gallery, codes, difficulty levels for bonus games, (and possibly every single world in the game).
  • Sleepy Seeds: There are two colors for the sleepy seeds, the pink ones (you need 27 of them to unlock Patrick on the last level) and the green ones (you need 27 of them to unlock Plankton on the last level). As you collect them, your character might make a comment that one would expect from either Patrick Star or Plankton.
  • Fuel: Fuel is essential in the flying levels. They are needed to keep Patrick's rocket and SpongeBob's plane in motion. If the player runs out of fuel, they only have a five-second warning to collect more fuel before the crash.
  • Hot Rod Parts: Hidden in the three workshops and are needed to fix SpongeBob's hot rod (Diesel Dreaming).
  • Turbos: There are 5 Turbos scattered around the area. SpongeBob needs them to upgrade his hot rod for the final race (Diesel Dreaming).
  • Detergent: Find 4 of these to make Dreaded Patrick appear and challenge Starfish Man to a showdown (Starfish Man to the Rescue).
  • Clothes: Belongs to the nude starfish near the train station. There are 5 pieces scattered around the city (Starfish Man to the Rescue).
  • Gears and Blueprints: Plankton needs to collect five gears and three blueprints to obtain a Sleepy Seed at the end of each area (Supersized Patty).
  • Jellyfish Power Cells: Hidden in the inventor's workshops. SpongeBob must find them so he can obtain an airplane part from the inventor (Alaskan Belly Trouble).
  • Megaphones: These allow Plankton to unleash his Super Roar, which destroys anything around him (Revenge of Giant Plankton).

Abilities (console versions)

SpongeBob SquarePants

  • Double Jump: Can do a second jump after jumping once.
  • Sand Slap: A spin attack that is SpongeBob's main method of dealing with enemies.
  • Sponge Lunge: A dash attack that allows SpongeBob to ram into enemies using a sturdy Viking helmet, and can also be used to move faster through the levels.
  • Arm Stretch: A grappling move, in which SpongeBob extends his arms out to grab onto air-born objects, and swing onto platforms.
  • Smash Attack: SpongeBob can do a downward attack by turning into a weight while in the air, and fall onto enemies to inflict high amounts of damage.

Patrick Star

  • Double Jump: Can do a second jump after jumping once.
  • Spin Attack: Patrick's most basic method of attack.
  • Dash Attack: Patrick dashes at enemies to defeat them, and can also be used to move faster through the level.
  • Bluster Puff Attack: Patrick blows a strong gust of wind to take down his enemies.
  • Smash Attack: Patrick can jump into the air and perform a downward smash by charging towards the ground with his fist.
  • Hot and Cold Powers: Usable only in "Starfishman to the Rescue," Patrick can sense where certain mechanisms are, thanks to a radar pointing him in the right direction.

Sheldon J. Plankton

  • Double Jump: Can do a second jump after jumping once.
  • Freeze Ray: A special helmet that shoots concentrated ice blasts to deal with enemies or obstacles. Can also freeze the Giant Patty for two seconds.

Giant Plankton

  • Punch: A basic melee attack.
  • Stomp: A supercharged stomp.
  • Laser beam: Shoots a massive laser beam out of his eye that can damage objects at a far range.
  • Super Roar: An AoE attack which generates a massive electric tornado around his body that completely wipes out everything near him. Cost one megaphone.

Airborne Segments

  • Projectile Fire: Fires bullets/projectiles to destroy obstacles and enemies. Only available the first part of "Rocket Rodeo" chapter.

Racing Segments

  • Boost (Diesel Dreaming, Final Race only): Propels the vehicle faster for a second.



The three playable protagonists in the game.

  • SpongeBob SquarePants (voiced by Tom Kenny) - The main protagonist of the series. In his dreams, SpongeBob is a licensed hotrod racer. Due to accidents happening after races, he is either forced to retrieve his runaway license I.D. or gather parts for his hotrod.
  • Patrick Star (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke and Doug Lawrence (due to voice acting mistake)) - In his dream, he is a starfish with a hidden alter-ego called "Starfishman," a superhero who fights the leader of a crime syndicate, Dreaded Patrick, and his minions.
  • Sheldon J. Plankton (voiced by Doug Lawrence) - In his perspective, he uses a crumb of a Krabby Patty to make a patty of his own. However, due to a system failure of his machinery, the crumb mutated into a giant Krabby Patty monster who plans to eat Plankton. Plankton tries to remedy the situation by enlarging himself. However, it ended up just making himself, grow to a regular size of a fish. Plankton was forced to run away to lose the Patty.

Other characters

Some characters from the TV show appear at varying points during the game either physically or just referenced. Some of these characters are the following:

  • Mrs. Puff (played by Mary Jo Catlett) - She guides SpongeBob during the platforming segments of Diesel Dreaming.
  • Realistic Fish Head (played by Jim Ward) - Appears in Patrick's TV (with SpongeBob's TV model) broadcasting the news that Dreaded Patrick has making trouble in Bikini Bottom.
  • Karen (played by Jill Talley) - She guides Plankton who helps him escape from the Giant Patty.
  • Old Man Jenkins (played by Tom Kenny) - An old pilot stuck inside the Alaskan Bull Worm for weeks. He guides SpongeBob finding the plane parts.
  • French Narrator (played by Tom Kenny) - Narrates the game's opening and Super-Sized Patty's loading screen.
  • Mermaid Man (played by Joe Alaskey) - Gives Starfishman instructions on how to use his rooftop gadgets.
  • Gary the Snail (played by Tom Kenny) - SpongeBob's household pet snail. At the end of the game, it is revealed that every dream that each of the protagonists went through is his dream. The cause was revealed to be by eating a Krabby Patty before sleeping.
  • Sandy Cheeks (silent cameo) - She just standing inside her treedome waving hand
  • Squidward Tentacles (mentioned, 2 cameos) - Appears as one of Mount Fishmore's head and Wakey Wakey Shakey Shakey loading screen.
  • Eugene H. Krabs (mentioned)
  • Barnacle Boy (mentioned)
  • Alaskan Bull Worm
  • Jellyfish
  • Bikini Bottomites

Characters not in the show

  • Race/sports Announcers Rick & Dale (voiced by Jim Ward)
  • Diesel Dreaming's citizens
  • Phone Box Guy (played by Bill Fagerbakke)
  • Starfishes (played by Bill Fagerbakke)
  • Mayor Patrick (played by Bill Fagerbakke)
  • Elvis Patrick (played by Bill Fagerbakke)
  • Village's Chief (played by Jim Ward)
  • Alaskan Bull Worm villagers
  • Village's Professor
  • Space station crew


  • Thug: (Diesel Dreaming) These thug grunts roam the workshops and try to stop SpongeBob from obtaining more parts for his hot rod. They come in large groups and attack with their wrenches. A simple spin attack is enough to defeat them.
  • Armored Thug: (Diesel Dreaming) A massive-build thug that holds a car door as a shield. They attack by slamming their shields onto the ground to create a shockwave. To defeat them, SpongeBob must dash into their shields to stun them, leaving them wide open.
  • Dreaded Minion: (Starfishman to the Rescue) Paper-thin starfish enemies that are loyal to Dreaded Patrick. They spawn from nearby posters and come in a wide variety of color groups. They attack with their large fists and depending on their color will determine how many hits to defeat. There are also larger variations that wear protective armor around their bodies but can be easily chipped off by normal spin attacks.
  • Paper Dogfish: (Starfishman to the Rescue) These stationary enemies are found in groups and are hazardous to touch. The only way to defeat them is to use Patrick's Bluster Puff but they respawn after a few seconds so it's best to ignore them.
  • Box Chomp: (Starfishman to the Rescue) Enemies that resemble Chain Chomps from the Super Mario series. These cardboard enemies will lunge at Patrick with their razor-sharp teeth whenever he gets too close. To defeat them, Patrick must slam on the button they are attached to.
  • Jellyfish: (Supersized Patty/Flying Levels) A common enemy found throughout Bikini Bottom that serves as major obstacles. Plankton needs to get past them by freezing them into ice cubes (which they can also be used as platforms). Patrick and SpongeBob need to shoot down large groups of Jellyfish to avoid a collision.
  • Parasite: (Alaskan Belly Trouble) Worm belly dwellers that behave the same as the thugs in Diesel Dreaming. They are found in large groups and attack with their claws. They can also be found riding unicycles which increases their speed.
  • Armored Parasite: (Alaskan Belly Trouble) An enemy that behaves the same as the Armored Thugs in Diesel Dreaming. SpongeBob needs to stun them first to defeat them. They resemble lobsters.
  • Goo Sniper: (Alaskan Belly Trouble) These worm-like enemies will emerge from hiding and spit harmful goo at SpongeBob whenever he is within range. To defeat them, SpongeBob must deflect their goo back at them with his spin attack.
  • Defence Copter: (Revenge of Giant Plankton) These military helicopters will fly around the area and fire goo at Plankton. Because they hover out of reach, only Plankton's eye beam can destroy them. They can also be found carrying nets that can trap Plankton and leave him exposed if they are not destroyed by his eye beam.
  • Tank: (Revenge of Giant Plankton) A ground enemy that fires goo at Plankton. They can be easily destroyed by running over them.
  • Mobile Turret: (Revenge of Giant Plankton) A variation of the tank that can fire missiles at Plankton from any direction. Like the tanks, they can also be destroyed easily by running over them.
  • Pop-up Turret: (Revenge of Giant Plankton) These stationary turrets will pop out of hatches and fire missiles at high speeds. They can be found guarding gates and need to be taken out quickly for Plankton to progress.
  • Plankton Army: (Rooftop Rumble) These plankton enemies will surround Patrick and attack in a frenzy on the rooftops. They can be simply defeated by a spin attack but often come in endless amounts.
  • Plankton Sniper: (Rooftop Rumble) A plankton similarly operating a goo cannon to the Goo Snipers found in Alaskan Belly Trouble. They will often attack while Patrick is kept busy dealing with the Plankton Army. Their goo must be deflected back at them to defeat them.


  • Dreaded Patrick: (Starfishman to the Rescue) A supervillain who threatens Bikini Bottom and Starfishman's archenemy. There is no direct fight with him as he always retreats whenever Starfishman reaches him. In GBA version however you indirectly fights his gadgets.
  • Giant Patty: (Supersized Patty) A result of failed experiment where a Krabby Patty crumb gets mutated into a sentient giant patty. In console version, you only able to escape from it, it can be frozen but just temporary. In GBA version however, there is a boss fight against it where it shoots ketchup, pickles and mustard.
  • Patty UFO: (Rocket Rodeo) An UFO who try to harm Starfishman's Rocket. During the first and second segment, it shoots laser beam destroying part of the station while during the fight it only shoots projectiles
  • Giant Plankton: (It Came from Bikini Bottom & Rooftop Rumble) Chase and try to takedown SpongeBob's plane after he unintentionally steal the Giant Patty from him. He later fought with Starfishman in a series of rooftop battles.


  • Starfishman's rocket
  • SpongeBob's plane
  • SpongeBob's hot rod
  • SpongeBob's hypnotic car
  • Plankton's hovercraft


Nintendo Power referred to the game as the "most ambitious and most successful SpongeBob game to date" in their December 2006 issue. Some positive aspects noted by reviewers about it included the variety in gameplay, responsive controls on the GC and PS2 versions, straightforward and solid level design, and the game's overall ambition, while negatives points included subpar graphics, especially on the GC version, overly long and poorly paced platforming and racing levels, and the occasionally unresponsive motion controls on the Wii version. The following ratings have been released for the game:

  • Nintendo Power: 8.5 out of 10
  • Play Magazine: 7 out of 10
  • Game Informer: 6.75 out of 10
  • X-Play: 2 out of 5[2]

Key points brought out in the above reviews include:

  • The ease of navigating through each level.
  • The play control is both "perfect" and "responsive."

And key flaws brought out in the reviews include:

  • Sub-par graphics.
  • Continuous racing and 2D levels.

The game was nominated for an Annie Award for best animated video game in 2006.[3] It was also nominated and won for the "Favorite Video Game" award at the 2007 Kids' Choice Awards. This makes it the second SpongeBob video game to be in the award show, with Battle for Bikini Bottom in 2004 appearing beforehand.

Several reviewers also noted that the fictional world does not resemble Bikini Bottom or the cartoon itself, that the story and overall tone is slightly darker and more surreal compared to previous games, and that the game does not "feel" like a SpongeBob SquarePants title.

Unused content

Prerelease screenshot of "It Came from Bikini Bottom" with an early version of the HUD and SpongeBob's airplane.

The game's original pitch was originally much more different, it was called SB06 - 40 Winks and would have been about SpongeBob waking up one morning and realizing his friends are trapped in their dreams for unknown reasons, and thus he is tasked to enter each of his friends' dreams and wake them up.[4]

According to early screenshots and gameplay footage. The HUD was different and SpongeBob's airplane had a different design, resembling more of a boat than an actual airplane. Old Man Jenkins is also missing on the airplane.


Wii Version


SpongeBob - Creature from the Krusty Krab Wii Longplay

GameCube Version


SpongeBob - Creature from the Krusty Krab GameCube Longplay

PlayStation 2 Version


SpongeBob - Creature from the Krusty Krab PlayStation 2 Longplay

Game Boy Advance Version


SpongeBob - Creature from the Krusty Krab Game Boy Advance Longplay

Nintendo DS Version


SpongeBob - Creature from the Krusty Krab DS Longplay

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"Patrick! You're spraying the camera with Cheese Fizz!"

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Backwards Compatibility

The game has backward compatibility on the following systems:

  • Gamecube (requires GameBoy Player) - The GameBoy Player peripheral allows GBA games to be played on a GameCube.
  • Nintendo DS - The Game Boy Advance version can be played on either, a Nintendo DS or DS Lite.
  • Nintendo 3DS - The Nintendo DS version can be played to any of the Nintendo 3DS family systems.
  • PlayStation 3 (old models) - Launch models of PlayStation 3 that have 20 or 60 GB hard drives can play the PlayStation 2 disc. Later PlayStation 3 revisions, such as the Slim model are not compatible with the PlayStation 2 discs.
  • Wii - The disc of the GameCube version can be played on the Wii.
  • Wii U - The disc of the Wii version can be played on the Wii U.



An example of a RocFISH cameo.

  • This game was released in four different Nintendo systems (GBA, GameCube, DS and Wii)
  • The game's graphics were developed by Team RocFISH. As the player proceeds through levels, the player will notice a strange fish in obscured areas. That is Team RocFISH's mascot. The fishes serve no purpose other than being a brief cameo in each level. RocFISH is also the code for getting extra 30000 Snooze Zs.
  • In the cheat codes section of the extras menu, entering the codes BRAIN, SAFARI, and ROBOT can unlock special features.

PlayStation 2 version (left), GameCube version (center) and the Wii version (right). All are emulated in HD resolutions to enhance the texture quality comparison.

  • The GameCube version has the worst texture and lighting quality out of all the console versions. The PlayStation 2 and Wii version, however, are graphically identical in terms of textures.
    • Also when compared to the PlayStation 2 and Wii versions, the GameCube version has dimmer lighting and a lower frame rate in levels due to size constraints.
  • In the "Alaskan Belly Trouble" level, there is a slight difference between the GameCube version and the Wii version. In the Wii version, the environment waves around to simulate the belly but in the GameCube version, the environment is completely stationary, possibly due to the graphical limitations of the GameCube.
  • There's no music in the "Alaskan Belly Trouble" level during the "Scrap Scramble Bonus-Game" in the GameCube version, likely due to size constraints.
  • This was the last official SpongeBob SquarePants video game released for the GameCube.
  • This is the first SpongeBob SquarePants video game to be released for the Nintendo Wii.
  • "Supersized Patty" is scrapped from the Nintendo DS version. Instead, it is replaced with "Krusty Krumb."
  • The PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Wii versions have the same gameplay, while the GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS versions each have their gameplay style.
  • In the "It Came From Bikini Bottom" level, Plankton quotes "Hey Spongefool! Why don't you just give up?! There's no one left to help you, no one left at all!" This line is reused from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game.
  • Most of SpongeBob's missions are vehicle missions.
    • Except for Chapter 4, which is mainly exploration until the plane is built.
  • The Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS versions have 2D graphics rather than 3D.
  • When this game was originally released on the Wii, it only used two ink colors (red/blue and green) and the silver on the disc, like the GameCube disc, but later pressings had the colors like the PlayStation 2 disc.[7]

SpongeBand screenshot.

  • On the Nintendo Wii version, there is a special and exclusive game mode known as the SpongeBand. In this game mode, you can play various instruments with SpongeBob, Patrick, and Plankton. For example, SpongeBob can play the guitar and harmonica, Patrick can play the drums and a slide whistle, and Plankton only plays the synthesizer. Luckily there are more instruments than these.
    • You can also select certain in-game songs to play alongside in this mode. These songs also appear to have special song titles. For instance, Rocket Rodeo's main theme is known as I Fell In Love With a Starfish Trooper, the Hypnotic Highway theme is known as When The Gudgeon Gets Tough, and the race/battle theme for Diesel Dreaming is known as Lobster Of The Pack.
      • All of these song titles are fish puns.
  • SpongeBob's and Patrick's dreams go in this pattern (Dream, Nightmare, Dream, Nightmare).
    • Plankton, however, goes in a different pattern (Nightmare, Dream, Nightmare, Nightmare).
  • Most game models and assets are reused and slightly modified from Battle for Bikini Bottom and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (video game) which is made by a different developer studio (Heavy Iron Studios). It later being implemented on later games SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis and Underpants Slam!.
  • There is mobile JAVA and online browser version inspired from this game.

Cultural references

  • The cutscene that features Plankton growing into a giant and saying, "The power! The absolute power!" is a reference to the 1992 movie Aladdin, when Jafar burst out of the roof as a red genie.
  • In the level "Rocket Rodeo," when Patrick is on a rocket while chasing after the Patty UFO and goes through a white door in outer space, it's a parody of The Twilight Zone.
  • The level "Revenge of the Giant Plankton Monster" is a parody of Godzilla.
  • The art style in "Diesel Dreaming" is more than likely based on/inspired by artwork made by Ed Roth.
  • The title is a reference to Creature from the Black Lagoon.


SpongeBob's eyes are green when they should be blue.

  • In the Nintendo DS version, during the talk screens, SpongeBob's eyes are green instead of blue.
  • In the console version, there are a lot of objects and characters going through things they shouldn't (ex. in the "Supersized Patty" minigame "Pouncin' Poundin' Patty," the top of Plankton's antennae can be seen.)
Breature of the Krusty Karb.png
  • When the game was shown in E3 2006 as a showcase of the Wii's game, this was accidentally called SpongeBob SquarePants: Breature of the Krusty Karb.
  • In the console version, after the defeat of the Giant Plankton, when Patrick says, "Did I win?," his voice sounds like Plankton's.
  • There are various bugs in the GameCube version (ex. In "It Came From Bikini Bottom," a fish in the toilet has his body shift up and his newspaper shift down due to a scripting failure.)

A scripting failure in the GCN version.

  • The Giant Patty changes sizes throughout the game. When it is introduced, it is bigger than a fish (Plankton grew himself to the size of a fish by accident) but later on, in the game, SpongeBob and Patrick are bigger than it. However, because the whole game is a dream, (excluding the ending) it can happen.
  • In the GameCube version, Gary's eyes are blue instead of red due to the texture compression.

Gary has blue eyes in the GCN version.

  • When fighting Plankton in "Rooftop Rumble," the player can see SpongeBob flying around even though he was captured by Plankton.
  • When the game is loading the final fight between Patrick and Plankton, Patrick is flying backward for some reason.
  • The post-credits cutscene has no sound on the American GameCube version. This was fixed in the European GameCube version of the game.
  • On the back covers of the NTSC versions of the game, it says there are 8 worlds in the game, even though the game has 9 worlds, this has been fixed on the back covers of the PAL version.



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