CreamBob ConePants is an anthropomorphic ice cream version of SpongeBob SquarePants. He lives in Pint Bottom, which is located in a tub of vanilla ice cream, and appears in the comic of the same name.


He is a scoop of light yellow ice cream that rests in a water cone cup. His face, arms, eyes, and legs are nearly identical to SpongeBob's. He also has chocolate chips where SpongeBob's pores would be.

Role in comic

He introduces himself to SpongeBob and Patrick, and then introduces them to his best friend Popsic and the rest of the main ice-cream themed characters. SpongeBob and Patrick then become hungry, and CreamBob offers them ice cream cakes and ice cream sandwiches, before telling them to check the ice cream truck.

After SpongeBob and Patrick devour the ice cream truck, CreamBob suggests about going to play in Goober Lagoon, as best friends, though SpongeBob and Patrick decide to eat him, his friends, and the entirety of Pint Bottom.


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