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This is the page about the seal character. For other uses, see Craig (disambiguation).

Craig Mammalton is a famous seal who first appears in the episode "Sun Bleached."


He is a seal who is extremely tan. His tan is said to be so deep that even his bones are golden brown. His skin is very leathery and wrinkled from tanning and he wears a lime-green speedo.

In "The Whole Tooth," he is dark gray and wears a black dress shirt with a red tie and black shorts.

Role in series

"Sun Bleached"

He throws a huge party only for those as tanned as he is. SpongeBob and Patrick try to get in; Patrick is able to get tan but SpongeBob gets sun bleached due to Patrick's stupidity. They try many techniques to get tan. Finally, SpongeBob covers himself in caramel. However, at the party it hardens and falls off.

SpongeBob is praised for it, as it is an even deeper tan than Craig's. They all try to get sun bleached as well; however, he and everyone except for a few get burned to ashes while doing so.

"The Whole Tooth"

He appears as a customer at the Krusty Krab. When he hears Patrick barking like a seal, he gets offended and leaves.

"A Place for Pets"

He makes a cameo during the song "Pets Are People Too."

Role in Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years

"The Jellyfish Kid"

His child form makes a few cameos.


  • Craig Mammalton is similar to film and television actor George Hamilton.
  • He is the only seal to appear in the series thus far.