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Coral bits are a food product served at the Krusty Krab. They are first mentioned out loud in the episode "Clams."


They are a side dish that consist of small bits of pale pink corals served in a red and yellow paper food tray. There is also a chili variation of the product.


The ingredients for toasted coral bits

It is revealed in the episode "Patrick-Man!" that the recipe for toasted coral bits is:

  • 4 cups of coral
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • Mix them together

Role in series


Sandals orders coral bits with a one-dollar bill, which becomes Mr. Krabs' one millionth dollar.

"Plankton's Army"

A robot, who is actually Plankton in disguise, orders the chili variant of coral bits.

"Le Big Switch"

Incidental 108 orders two double Krabby Patties and a side order of coral bits, only to have Squidward steal them.


Patrick claims that he has intercepted the schemes of a villain in Bikini Bottom and shows what appears to be said schemes on a paper, only for them to turn out to be the recipe for toasted coral bits.

Role in SpongeBob's Truth or Square

Coral bits are seen in SpongeBob's house in the console versions of this game.