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Coral Carnival is a carnival that appears in the episode "Stuck in the Wringer."


It is a carnival, with an entrance with a sign reading the carnival's name in purple and yellow lettering. There are multiple rides in the carnival.

Rides and attractions

  • Spinning Steering Wheels - A teacup-like ride
  • Ferris wheel
  • Fun House
  • A roller coaster


  • Dart Tournaments
  • Milk Jug Topple
  • Balloon Pop
  • Water-Sprayer Game
  • Other games

Role in episode

SpongeBob and Patrick come here after having gotten ice cream at Super Weenie Hut Jr's. However, due the wringer being glued to SpongeBob's body, he cannot join in on any fun at the carnival. After seeing him being unfairly used as a bike rack, Patrick sympathetically allows SpongeBob to have fun with him.

However, after being flung out of a teacup ride and given a black eye from a missed target in a ball toss game, SpongeBob berates Patrick in the middle of the carnival for his negligence and catches the attention of many bystanders who take Patrick's side ironically and shift the blame to SpongeBob. Also, before this, Patrick buys cotton candy and gets a winner's badge pinned to his skin from the ball toss.


  • Although it is a carnival, it is permanent, as stated on a sign near the entrance.
  • The main structure is very similar to that of Glove World!