Cool Calamari is a magazine that Squidward imagines being on the cover of in the episode "Unreal Estate."


The cover shows a picture of Squidward posing on a white chair while wearing a black beret. The magazine's background is light blue and the chair is on a dark gray floor. Next to Squidward, there is a black burst effect with a yellow outline and a black inner area that reads the word "WOW!" in pink. Above it, the word "exclusive" is seen in pink writing followed by an exclamation point. The cover shows a light yellow border and the title of the magazine in purple cursive writing.

A green seal is seen on the cover's bottom-right corner, and has the words "Special Edition" in dark green, along with a light green burst effect with a dark pink outline. Near the bottom left corner of the cover, a barcode can be seen.

Role in episode

In Squidward's daydream of living in the junky house, he imagines himself posing on the cover of Cool Calamari, while telling SpongeBob all the "stressful" things the latter would have to deal with if he were to live in the rocket house.


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