The Cookie Bucket is the alternate-universe version of the Chum Bucket that appears in the SpongeBob SquarePants comic Bikini Bottom 2.


The exterior looks just like the Chum Bucket, but instead of "Chum Bucket," the restaurant's sign reads "Cookie Bucket."

Role in comic

After finding out that Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are restaurant owners, SpongeBob goes to the Cookie Bucket because he believes that the hero in this universe is Plankton. When SpongeBob gets there he knocks on the door. Plankton calls SpongeBob from the roof. At first, SpongeBob is confused because he only hears Plankton's voice. Plankton explains that he is on the roof because he is watching for the thief of his secret cookie formula. However, the thief, who is revealed to be Karen, passes by him with the formula, causing Plankton to run after Karen.

SpongeBob realizes that Plankton is not the hero. Mr. Krabs taps SpongeBob on the shoulder and tells him that Mr. Plankton does not like when people loiter and would like him to buy a cookie.

Chum Bucket (VE)

Owner: Sheldon J. Plankton

Current employees: Karen PlanktonSpot

Former employees: SpongeBob SquarePantsPatrick StarSquidward Tentacles

Variations: Krusty BucketChum CavernsChum Caverns Gift ShopChum ColiseumCrumb BasketCookie BucketChumporium

Machines: CashinaChumbotGhost extracting machineTransmogrifierSimmySpongeBot SteelPantsTallyRobot KrabsRobot SpongeBobPlankton's robotKaren 2Majestic SizzlemasterBaby gas

Food: ChumChum Bucket SupremeChum nuggetsChumstickChum FricasseeChumbalayaChum PattiesChumburgerCrispity CrunchitiesFree Sample Krabby PattyRaw Sewage

Other: Chum Bucket gloveChum detonatorChum Bucket bucket helmetSea antsCave dwellers

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