Convict is a character who appears in the episode "My Leg!"


He is a light purple fish with a slightly darker purple dorsal fin and a five o'clock shadow. He is large and muscular, and wears a typical prisoner's black and white striped jumpsuit and a matching hat.

Role in episode

SpongeBob and Fred ask him to smash the latter's leg with his hammer, but the convict refuses. SpongeBob tries to grab the hammer from the convict, but ends up dropping it on the convict's foot, causing him to scream "My leg!". He is taken to the hospital shortly afterwards.

He appears again in the hospital, and dances with the other characters present in the hospital during Fred's song.


My Leg! 122

Silent film title card

  • When his foot is smashed with a hammer, he talks using a silent film title card.
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