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This is the page about the orange construction worker. For other uses, see Construction worker (disambiguation).

The construction worker is a muscular, orange fish who makes several cameo appearances throughout the series, starting with the episode "No Weenies Allowed."


He is a muscular, orange fish with a light blue dorsal fin, blue lips, and light orange arms. He wears a white shirt and black pants. When he is a construction worker, he wears a hard hat.

Role in series

"No Weenies Allowed"

The construction worker is seen walking up to The Salty Spitoon when SpongeBob demands Reg to let him in The Salty Spitoon. He asks Reg "how's it going," causing SpongeBob to jump in Reg's arms in fright. Reg then lets the construction worker in, while he thanks Reg.

"SpongeBob Meets the Strangler"

When asked if he could be SpongeBob's bodyguard to protect him from the strangler, he immediately goes away on top of his drill.


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