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The construction lobster is an enemy in the video game Revenge of the Flying Dutchman.


He is a large blue lobster wearing a white construction helmet, a dirty white singlet with yellow stains, and blues pants with red flowers. He has blue teeth, and usually wields a jackhammer.

Role in game

The construction lobster is the fourth enemy in the game, and two of them only appear at the construction site in downtown Bikini Bottom. He stays in a spot drilling at the ground until SpongeBob approaches him, where he will then try to hit him and deplete one pair of pants from his health. If SpongeBob moves away after annoying the lobster, he will angrily stare at him before going back to drilling. Both construction lobsters take two hits before getting defeated.


  • His model is a color-inverted version of Larry the Lobster's model, with the clothing and jackhammer added later.
  • If one looks into the game's files, the construction lobster's helmet has a red stripe which is missing during gameplay.
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