Colonel Carper is a concert promotionalist and the main antagonist of the episode special "Hello Bikini Bottom!" He also makes a cameo appearance in "The Krusty Bucket."


Colonel Carper is a light purple fish with turquoise fins who wears fancy, white clothes including a hat, jacket, and boots. He also wears white and green shades and wears a gold chain around his neck. He also has a thick, brown mustache.

Role in series

"Hello Bikini Bottom!"

Colonel Carper hears SpongeBob and Squidward perform and hopes to become their band manager. He sings a song explaining how the music industry works. However, Mr. Krabs steps in after hearing money being involved and forces himself as the band manager. Carper is upset and leaves with Mr. Krabs officially becoming Squidward and SpongeBob's band manager.

Carper appears later outside the performance of Ned and the Needlefish and gloats to Mr. Krabs saying how much better he is doing. He then tells his two roadies to break apart Mr. Krabs' band sound equipment. Carper laughs at Mr. Krabs, not knowing he was taking his sound equipment behind him.

Carper appears a little later extremely angry about Mr. Krabs stealing his sound equipment and leading Ned and the Needlefish off course. He then sues Mr. Krabs for all of his money and takes his sound equipment back. He then has his two roadies tag "Losers" on Mr. Krabs' bus before he leaves.

Carper appears for the final time near the end of the episode to take more money from Mr. Krabs. He, once again, uses his roadies to lift Mr. Krabs up and dump all of his money into Carper's pants. Carper laughs at him and leaves.

"The Krusty Bucket"

Carper later reappears as a cameo in this episode, where he walks out of the Krusty Krab and accidentally squashes Plankton.


  • His name is a parody of Colonel Parker, who was Elvis Presley's manager. Carper also wears a suit similar to the ones that Elvis wore.


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